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“Just out on a date with Jonathan,” she says, all smiles with a dopey look in her eyes.

“Does uh, does his son know?” I ask with an air of nonchalance, so she doesn’t know how tied up in knots I really am about Knox finding out.

“No. I don’t think Jonathan’s had a chance to tell his son yet. Why? Are you two friends?” she asks in such a happy tone, like she’s wishing we were friends. But how do you tell your mom that the son of the man she’s about to marry hates your guts? Simple answer, you don’t.

“Come on, Mom. He’s the popular guy at school, and I’m just me. No way would he be friends with someone like me,”

“Stop it right there, young lady. You’re gorgeous and anyone would be lucky to be your friend,” she says, before walking over to me and wrapping me up in a hug.

“You’re just saying that because you’re obligated to.” I huff.

“Oh shush,” she says, squeezing me a little tighter. “Well, I’ve got to run. You’re on your own tonight,”

“That’s fine, Mom. I’m not a kid, you know? I’m old enough to stay by myself,” I tell her, rolling my eyes.

“I know, smartass.” She grins at me.

“Well, have fun on your date. I’m just going to take a bath and probably spend the rest of the night in bed reading or something,” I say, knowing she was going to ask what my plans are.

“Okay. Well you have fun too, sweetheart. I’ll probably be coming back late, so you don’t need to wait up,” she says.

“Okay,” I respond as I get up from my chair and wash my plate in the sink. She grabs her stuff and walks over to give me a kiss on the forehead before heading out the door.

Once my mess is cleaned, I walk up the stairs to my room and walk straight into the bathroom. I need to soak the filth of the day away, and nothing helps more than a hot bath. I fill the tub with some bath salts, a bath bomb, and some essential oils to help me de-stress.

As soon as I step into the hot water and sit down in the tub, it feels like heaven. I can already feel the water helping to loosen up the knots in my body. I lie back and close my eyes for a second, letting the scent wash over my senses.

Lying there, somehow, I fall asleep. When I open my eyes, the water is cold and I look like a prune. I step out of the tub and into the shower to rinse off my skin before finishing up and drying myself.

I wrap the towel around my body and then walk back into my room. The night-light I have on casts a serene glow in my room. Taking my towel off, I toss it in my hamper next to my dresser and then grab a pair of panties from the top drawer before bending down to grab pajamas from the bottom one, when suddenly a male voice comes from behind me.

“Bend down some more and let me get a better view of that fat ass,” he says, and I let out a scream at the unexpectedness of Knox’s voice. I know it’s him. He’s the only asshole that calls me fat ass. What the hell is he even doing in my room and how the hell did he get in?

I spin around, and there, lying down in the middle of my bed with both arms behind his head and legs sprawled out as if he belongs here or like he owns the place, is Knox motherfucking Riverside.

“What the hell are you doing in here? Are you trying to give me a heart attack?” I shriek at him.

“Mmm, the view from the front is better than the back. You’ve been hiding that nice fat pussy from me,” he says instead of answering my question. He has an evil smirk across his face and I remember I’m naked. I scramble to go put on my clothes but his words halt me.

“No. Stop,” he growls out.

“Wh-what?” I croak out. I feel vulnerable standing naked in front of him. I mean, the guy hates the sight of me with clothes on, so I’m not sure how he’s feeling right now with me naked. From the stony look on his face, I’m leaning toward hate.

“Don’t put anything on and get over here and onto the bed,” he says in a sultry yet hard tone that I can’t quite figure out. Or maybe I’m just imagining the sultry part. I can’t do what he wants though. I know where it will lead if I get onto that bed.

Without giving it another thought, I quickly pull the panties on and keep the pajamas in my hand as I make a break for my door. I’ve just reached the bottom of the stairs when his big, strong body collides with mine and we both go tumbling onto the floor. I land on my stomach with him on my back. His body engulfs mine. He’s huge.

“Going somewhere?” he asks as he puts his nose to my neck and sniffs. “Mmm, smells good. Makes me want to devour you whole.”

“Get off me, asshole!” I snap and try to buck him off me, but he’s too heavy. I take a deep breath and I smell the weed and alcohol emanating from him. “Are you fucking high right now?”

“Shut the fuck up. I’m the one asking the questions here,” he snaps. “Did you know?”

“Know what?” I ask, playing dumb like I don’t know what he’s talking about.

“Don’t act like one of those bimbos that walk the halls of our school. It doesn’t fucking suit you! Did you know that my dad and your whore of a mom are getting married?” he bites his words out. I guess he finally knows.


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