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Ash and Ezra are standing outside their stalls, still naked, and I look up and see that Ax was also watching the show. For once though, he was quiet. When I look at his face, I can see why. He’s looking at Ez and there’s an expression I’ve never seen before on his face. It’s one of lust.

I have a feeling I know where this is going but I’m just gonna have to leave the two of them to figure it out. Clearly, they’re against it right now. Guess we’ll just have to see where this goes.

By the time we’re actually done in the locker room and head to class, we’re already fifteen minutes late. Though when we walk into class, Mr. Smith doesn’t say a word. He knows who really rules this school so he won’t chance saying a thing to us.

We all make our way to the back of the class and take our seats next to Kinsley. She ignores us but I don’t pay any mind to her. I look to the front of the class and see Raine’s chair is empty. I wonder if she’s running late.

As class goes on, she still doesn’t show up. When my curiosity gets the better of me, I turn to ask Kinsley where she is.

“Have you seen Raine?” I ask but she continues to ignore me. I poke her in the side and she turns to me with a glare. I roll my eyes at her. She can be mad at me all she wants, but she knows what’s at stake for her.

“How the hell would I know? I’m not supposed to be friends with her anymore, isn’t that right?” she snaps before looking straight ahead again.

“Quit with the attitude, babe,” Asher tells her sternly.

“Oh, bite me, asshole!” she snaps at him.

“Looks like someone is on their period,” I grumble. If I wasn’t looking at her when I said it, I would have missed the way she stiffened and the way she went pale.

“Oh, I know you want me to do that again because it led to you getting your pussy sucked real hard,” Asher continues, not noticing her earlier expression. She turns beat red now and the guys and I snicker at Ash’s words.

“You know, Kins, if you’re tired of this asshole, we could always run away together,” Ez tells her, giving Ash an evil smirk.

“Give me like a day or so and I’ll be ready for you, big boy,” Kinsley says, turning to look at Ez and giving him a wink.

“You! Shut the fuck up. And you! You better sit your little ass there and behave before I smack it until you can’t fucking walk for a week!” Asher snaps at Ez and Kinsley, respectively. “It’s like they want me to kill them,” he grumbles and I just laugh at them.

This is why Kinsley had to make her choice on who she wanted to remain friends with. She’s been a close part of us ever since she became my friend. We’ve had her back and we’ve never had anyone else who fit in with us like she does. This easy banter we have between us is everything. We all know that the ribbing is just for fun because when things get real, we have each other’s back. That’s all that matters.

I do feel bad that Kinsley has to give up her friend but on the other hand, I need Raine to suffer. Me hating her doesn’t stop her from consuming my mind. I keep wondering where she is. How is it even possible to hate someone, yet still want them?

As soon as class is over, I get out of my seat, walk out of class, and make my way to the front doors.

“Oh, and where are we going right now?” Ez asks as he falls into step with me. I want to punch him in the face for his smug tone.

“Out,” I say, feigning nonchalance.

“A certain redhead was absent from class today and suddenly lover boy is leaving school early? Me thinks it’s not a coincidence,” Ash drawls.

“Me thinks you should shut up and mind your own business,” I grumble. “Besides, I forgot I had a doctor appointment.”

They stop following me when we get to the doors and I’m glad. If they actually decided to come with, then they’d obviously know I don’t actually have a doctor appointment.

“Tell her we said hi,” they all say in unison.


“Raine, obviously,” Ez answers, rolling his eyes.

“I’m not—” I start and then Ash cuts me off.

“We’ve known your ass for how long now?” he questions. I smirk at him without answering and then turn back to make my way to my car.

“Yeah, that’s what I thought!” Ax yells after me. I flip them the bird over my shoulder without even looking back at them. They know me too well, which in some cases isn’t such a good thing. They can always tell when I’m bullshitting.

I get into my ride, pull out of the parking lot, and make my way to her house. I know she skipped school today because she didn’t want to face me, knowing that she loved every moment of what I did to her yesterday.

She can fight it all she wants but I can see behind the façade she puts up. That in itself is so unlike me. I never took the time to notice what someone was hiding behind, what they show to everyone else, but with her, it’s like I can’t help myself. It already feels like I know her on a more visceral level and I don’t like that. I don’t care about her or what she feels.

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