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I park in the garage of the house opposite hers before making my way over to hers. My father’s a real estate tycoon and the area he gave them the house to stay in is a newly built residential area. Not all the homes have sold yet.

Which makes it easy for me to stalk my prey. I walk across to her house and let myself in like I own the place. Well, technically I do. What belongs to my father belongs to me—in more ways than one, apparently.

When I step inside the house, it’s quiet. I know her mom left for work already because well, I like to keep an eye on everything these days. I don’t want to be blindsided again like how my mother blindsided me when she did what she did.

I slowly make my way up the stairs and then toward her room, opening the door quietly and stepping inside. Once I’m inside, I look over at her bed and see she’s covered from head to toe, sleeping soundly.

I look over at the nightstand and see her phone there along with her barely touched breakfast. I move closer and grab her phone, opening it with her sleeping face and then I go through it.

I put a bug in her phone that will let me track her whereabouts. I want to know her every move. Don’t ask me why because I have no clue. Once I’m done, I place her phone back where it was and then I strip down to my boxers before slipping into bed beside her.

She’s dressed in a hoodie and a barely there pair of shorts that are showing her ass cheeks. It instantly makes me hard. She’s lying on her side so I pull her shorts along with her panties down slowly before spreading her legs.

I look down at her fat and juicy pussy. I let out a low groan at the sight. I bend down and maneuver my head between her legs and an instant later, I’m sucking those pussy lips.

She tastes so good and it doesn’t take long for her pussy to get wet. She mumbles something in her sleep before a cute little groan slips out of her lips but she doesn’t wake up. I keep sucking her wet pussy like my life depends on it.

I’ve never tasted pussy this good. Go figure, it would belong to the one person I hated. I pull my head back a little and use my fingers to pull her pussy lips apart before I stick my tongue inside to gather up more of her juices so I can drink it down.

When I’m satisfied, I move from between her legs and get off the bed to pull my boxers off and then slip back inside next to her. She hasn’t moved and is still on her side where I left her. I position myself behind her, pushing one of my arms under her neck so it’s in front of her body.

I use my other hand to push two fingers inside her pussy and pump a few times to gather up more of her juices. Then I spread it around on my cock head before putting the tip to the entrance of her fuck hole.

With one push, I slam right into her pussy, all the way to the hilt. A scream rips out of her as she wakes up with the force of my thrust. I move my hand to cover her mouth so she won’t scream again. She tries to wiggle away from me, but I hold her close and start thrusting inside her.

“That’s it, baby. Wiggle on my cock like a good little slut,” I groan as I continue pumping my hips. Her walls clamp down on my cock and squeeze me which causes me to let out a moan.

“Knox?” she questions in her still-sleepy tone but I don’t answer her. I just keep giving her the dick.

She stops wiggling since she heard my voice and now she’s just lying there and taking my assault on her fat pussy. A second later, she starts to move her hips to get more of my cock inside her and I chuckle.

“Why weren’t you at school today? Were you trying to avoid me?” I question, all the while pumping into her slick cunt.

“N-n-no,” she stammers.

“Good, because there isn’t anywhere that you can hide where I won’t find you,” I tell her matter-of-factly.

“What are you doing here?” she asks.

“I’m just here to break in my three-hole slut. That’s what you are to me now. By the time I’m done with you, your pussy will be molded to take only my dick,” I say, smirking at her as she watches me from over her shoulder.

“This is wrong! We shouldn’t be doing this! We hate each other. Plus, you’re going to be my stepbrother soon,” she says, and that shit pisses me off right away.

“Shut the fuck up! I don’t want to hear about any of that shit right now!” I snap at her. I pull out of her and then flip her over so that she’s now on her hands and knees.

I grab both of her ass cheeks and squeeze hard. She yelps but I continue squeezing. This will probably leave a mark but I don’t care. I spread her cheeks open and look down at her gaping pussy hole that’s open to me right now.

Her ass is up in the air, exposing both her holes to me. I must say, it looks good enough to eat.

“Mmm, look at how your hole is gaping for me,” I groan out. The sight before me is a beautiful one. I bend down until my face is eye level with her holes and then I lick from her pussy to her ass, licking some of her juices away.

Her pussy hole is still obscenely open and I gather some spit before spitting right into her open cunt. She screams just as I slam into her cunt again and start fucking her hard and fast. Now that she’s awake, I don’t have to go slow. I intend to give her pussy a good pounding.

“Stop!” she screams. “What are you doing?”

“I’m about to pump this pussy full of cum until there’s so much inside you, it’ll seep out through your pores because your womb and pussy walls can’t hold it in,” I growl as I slap her ass. “Now fucking stop talking so I can fuck my fat cunt!”

“Asshole!” she screams after I give her a particularly hard thrust, all the way to the mouth of her cervix and she lets out a scream as though I’m fucking killing her. But I don’t stop. I continue to fuck the hell out of her, all the while she’s screaming, moaning, and cursing me out.