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Like the saying goes, don’t throw stones when your house is made of glass. Knox is the only asshole I’ve been with and the one who took my virginity, and this bitch is calling me names? Fucking hypocrite if I ever saw one.

I might be the outcast in this school but that doesn’t mean I haven’t heard the other gossip around here.

“Count your days, bitch! You’re gonna get what’s coming to you. As for Knox, he always comes back to me no matter how long we’re separated. We’re meant to be together!” she snaps. Like I haven’t heard that bullshit enough times.

“Are you delusional or something? If you are, I could probably get you some help,” I say, giving her a smile.

“I’m not the one who’s going to need help soon,” she sneers before walking out of the bathroom. She shoulder checks me. I rub my shoulder and let out a long sigh. Just as I turn around to leave, Kinsley steps into the bathroom.

When we make eye contact, she looks away quickly before rushing into the closest empty stall. She doesn’t even say a word to me and that stings. I feel the pain slice through my chest at how much it hurts to lose someone you thought was your friend.

I know it hasn’t been that long, but the time we spent together in school and the times we went out, especially when we were ditching the guys, was the most fun I’ve ever had. I thought we’d end up having one of those everlasting friendships. Clearly, I was wrong.

I get choked up at my thoughts and before I make an even bigger spectacle of myself, I rush out of the bathroom. I was about to go back to my locker to put some of my things in there but I see Knox is braced against his locker along with his friends. I spin around on my heels and go in the other direction.

I have no doubt if I went to my locker that he’d do something else to humiliate me in front of everyone else. That seems to be his specialty.

Thankfully, neither he nor his friends spot me. I make my way to the library instead of class. I need some time to catch up on my papers since I’ve neglected most of them. Plus, some solitude might do me good.

I make my way to the back of the library where it’s the quietest. There are some computers here so I log onto one. I left my laptop at home today so I’ll just have to use one of the school’s.

I log in with my id but instead of doing what I’m supposed to be doing, I end up logging onto that stupid website again.

There are now rumors that I’m bulimic, no doubt because someone probably heard me throwing up after they threw food at me in the cafeteria earlier today. No wonder people were making stupid comments about a throw-up bag earlier.

This website is filled with even more hate now than it was before. At least there aren’t any posts about what happened in the classroom with Knox or I’d probably get more hate. I mean, with the way they all hate me now, there’s no doubt they would despise me if they heard that I was hooking up with their king.

The stress of it all is getting to me and I do something I never thought I’d do before. The last time I was on this website because I couldn’t keep away, I found a way to contact the Venom Brothers.

The Venom Brothers were the local bad boys in this school. They’re as rich as they are deviant. I’ve heard all the rumors about them. It’s three of them and they’re supposedly part of the Mafia or a gang or something.

Who the hell knows? Rich kids like to make shit up. What I do know is that they’re the ones you go to when you need drugs and they can get you literally anything you want. That’s what I need right now, something to help me focus and be better.

I hesitate over the contact button, but then I say fuck it and click it and send them a message. Five minutes later, I’m still reading some of the comments about me and feeling super depressed when I get a reply. I don’t know why I keep doing this to myself. I mean, none of what they say should matter to me, right?

I’m surprised that they replied so fast. They give me a place and time to meet them and I save the address into my phone.

I stay in the library… okay, I hide out in the library because I don’t want to run into anyone for the rest of the day. I’ve already suffered through enough humiliation for one day.

I decide to do some work since I’ll be here for a while. I get started on some research and then start writing my English paper that’s due next week.

An hour later, I’m deep into my work when I hear male voices a few shelves away from where I’m sitting. I move to hide behind the shelf that’s behind me because the voices I hear belong to Knox and Asher. I’ve heard them both enough times to know what they sound like by now.

“So, Kinsley told her she doesn’t want to be friends anymore?” Asher asks.

“I think so. I’m guessing that’s what her meltdown was about today,” Knox says.

“What did you do to her?” Asher questions.

“Just taught her a lesson on who runs this school and that she shouldn’t cross me,” Knox says with no emotion in his voice.

“There’s a certain rumor going around that you fucked her,” Asher tells him.

“Please, like that would ever happen. Let everyone know to cut that shit out and that it’s not true. Tell them I don’t fuck girls that look like cows and I’d never stick my dick into that slut,” Knox grumbles. I suck in a sharp breath at the hurt his words cause.

“That’s harsh, man. Does she really deserve this?” Asher asks him. Though I’m crumbling, I can’t help but continue listening to hear what he’ll say.

“Yes, and so much more. I wish that I could just kill her with my bare hands. She deserves to be dead instead of my mother,” Knox growls with so much hate in his voice.

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