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I stumble back at his words. The force in which he said those words and the hatred in his voice is crushing my soul. I mean, I knew he hated me but I didn’t know his hate for me ran so deep that he wishes me dead.

They eventually leave. I didn’t hear what else they said after Knox said what he said because I was still stunned. I grab my bag and move farther to the back of the library where there’s an alcove that gives privacy.

Not that I need it much since the library is mostly empty now. There’s barely anyone in here and the few who are, they’re all the way at the front.

I take the razor blade I started keeping in my bag and pull up the sleeves of my blazer and start cutting again.

“Ahhh!” I cry out as I slice my flesh over and over again as tears stream down my face. I don’t know how else to expel all the demons consuming me.

After about ten new cuts, I wrap the razor blade up and put it back into my bag. Then I grab a tissue and wipe the blood away. I leave it there for a few minutes to soak up the blood as I use another tissue to wipe my face and nose since I’m still in tears.

I leave the tissue on my skin and pull the sleeve of my blazer down and grab my things to go. I look at my phone and see it’s almost time to meet the Venom Brothers. Thankfully, I don’t run into anyone as I leave. There’s still about fifteen minutes left until the bell rings.

I head out to the parking lot and get into my car before driving away. The address the brothers gave me is to an abandoned warehouse not far from Kinsley’s place and the abandoned train track we went to together.

Once I get there, I walk right in through the door like I owned the place. Which, when I think about it, I shouldn’t have done. It seems like I have no sense of self-preservation. These guys are drug dealers. The place is just an empty space when I walk in but as soon as I make it past the door, I’m surrounded by three tall and tattooed, muscular guys. These guys are intimidating as hell.

“Well, well, well… if it isn’t the lamb of Riverside Academy,” one of them says.

“Did you get what I asked for?” I ask, putting on a brave face. I don’t want them to think they intimidate me, even though they do. What is the protocol for buying drugs anyway?

The one who called me lamb nods his head and then the other two each grab one of my arms. He moves closer and begins to pat me down. He makes sure to rub my legs slowly, making a show of it before he moves a step back and smirks at me.

“Got to be careful, you know? I’m Ransom and these are my brothers, Wolf and Cyrus, but you already know that, don’t you?” he asks and I shake my head. The rumor mill in that school is crazy. Everyone knows their names and who they are.

“Yes. I do. That’s why I contacted you,” I tell him.

He pulls out a bag with the pills and hands it to me. I take it and then hand him the money.

“Nice doing business with you, sweet thing,” Ransom says. He hands me a card and I see it has a number on it.

“Call that number when you want more from us,” Wolf says before they all turn around and leave me standing there.

Who the hell knew getting drugs was so easy?

I walk out of the building and head toward the abandoned train track. I can see it from here. It takes less than five minutes to walk there and I walk all the way to the middle and take a seat.

Thankfully, it’s not too hot today. As I sit on the track, I look up at the sky. It’s cloudy and getting darker by the second. It looks like a storm is coming and it’s coming in fast too. I take one of the pills out and wash it down with some of the water I have in my bag.

Half an hour later, I feel a little buzz from the pill, but it’s not enough. I take out the two bottles of travel-size tequila I have in my bag and gulp it down one after the other. I feel the burn as it goes down my throat but I like it.

In no time, I’m high and drunk. Right now it feels like nothing in the world can touch me. I feel like I’m floating and I don’t feel the weight crushing me anymore. I don’t want this feeling to ever go away.

Now I know what the Venom Brother meant when they said to call them when I wanted more. I’m definitely going to keep this feeling for as long as I can, which means those pills won’t last long if I take them every day. I’ll definitely need more from them.

No wonder the guys are in high demand. I wonder where the hell they get the drugs from. Not that I’ll be investigating that. The rain finally starts pouring but I don’t move. I sit there in the pouring rain and watch the river beneath me.

I’ve always loved storms. I’d find any excuse to sit outside in one. For some reason, they always make me feel at peace, as though the rain will cleanse my soul and wash away all the pain and hurt in my heart.

I stand up with the intention to finally go home but instead, I move to stand by the edge of the rails. I look down into the river and wonder what would happen if I jumped. Would I sink down to the very bottom right away? Would I be able to swim, or would the current pull me away?

I climb on top of the rail. It’s a flat surface that’s a couple inches in width. The wind blows as I stand there and a second later, the thunder rumbles so loudly it scares me. I startle and then let out a laugh. I have no idea what’s going on with me. I start to laugh even harder until tears are streaming down my face and I begin to sob.

My knees wobble and I almost fall right over but suddenly, I’m back on the track. Sobs still rack my body and a second later, my teeth are chattering from being in the rain for so long. Whew! I almost had firsthand experience of what it would’ve felt like to fall from a bridge. In my blissed-out fogged-up mind it took a few seconds for me to realize that someone pulled me back. That’s why I didn’t fall to my death.

I spin around and come face-to-face, well face-to-chest—I have to arch my head back and then I come face-to-face with furious electric blue eyes. The ones that haunt my every waking moment and the bane of my existence.

How the hell did he find me? He wasn’t around when I left school. For someone who hates me, he sure does have a knack for finding me when I don’t want to be found.

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