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“Had some things to take care of,” I say in response to his question.

“And did that something have anything to do with a certain redhead?” he asks, giving me his mischievous smile.

“No,” I say nonchalantly.

“Oh really now? Because I’ve got the tea,” he tells us all with a smug expression on his face. I want to wipe it off. These assholes are always all up in my shit like a bunch of dickheads.

“Oh, do tell,” Ax says, all ears now as he takes a pull from the blunt I just handed him.

“Now this I’ve got to hear. Don’t keep us in suspense,” Ez says, grinning from ear to ear like my life is that exciting for him.

“There’s nothing to tell,” I grumble, but Asher just smiles deviously at me.

“So do you guys want story time?” he asks, rubbing both his hands together like he’s some villain, ready for world domination.

“Yes!” both Ax and Ez snap at the same time, clearly impatient. I have to say I am too because I want to know what this asshole is up to.

“So guys, Knox the dickhead here had to drop me off at Kinsley’s yesterday because—well, not the point. So there I was in her kitchen, grabbing some paper towels because the girl is a klutz and I happen to look out her kitchen window. You wouldn’t believe who was fucking lip locked for a few minutes with a certain redhead,” Asher says. I had just taken a pull from the blunt and his words cause me to choke on the smoke.

“No fucking way!!!” Ez literally yells, causing some of the students walking by to look over at us. They don’t stop though because they know the rules.

“You’re fucking with us, right?” Axel questions with his eyes wide.

“Nope,” Asher says, making sure to pop the “p.”

“Are you sure it was him and her? Maybe she was locking lips with someone else,” Ez states, and I can’t help the growl that escapes me.

“Can’t miss that red hair and you can’t miss this big oaf either,” Asher says, laughing now.

“Can you fuckers shut the fuck up? There’s nothing to talk about!” I snap, getting irritated. I wasn’t even thinking that someone could have seen us yesterday when I was kissing and then fucking Raine in the rain on that stupid bridge.

I was surprised to see her there after what happened between us the first time. You know, that time I told her I wanted to bury her in the woods. Yeah, good times.

I have to admit though, that kiss was hot as fuck. It was something that I’ve never experienced. Just thinking about yesterday has my cock wanting to get hard.

“It is a big deal! Someone tell him it’s a big deal!” Ez squeals like a fucking girl.

“It’s a big deal,” Ax says, smirking at me next.

“You assholes need a life so you can stop worrying about mine,” I grunt out while taking another pull from the blunt. At this rate, I might just smoke the whole damn thing and not pass it to them anymore.

“Come on! You’ve never kissed any of the girls you’ve fucked around with and now you’re kissing the new girl?” Ax asks.

“It was a lapse in judgment,” I grumble. “It didn’t mean shit so you assholes can drop it!” I tell them, looking at them pointedly.

“You’re no fun!” Ez pouts and I laugh at his antics.

“But… but I need this last question answered,” Ax says to Asher. “Did he fuck her?”

“I left and went back to Kinsley. I didn’t want to be rude and watch them fuck even though that’s what should’ve happened since they were giving a free show,” Asher tells them while laughing.

“Ugh, somebody tell me again why I’m friends with you assholes?” I grumble at them. I feel like I ask them this question at least once every day because they’re always annoying me.

“Because you love us,” Ez says, giving me the most innocent expression he can muster.

“Dickhead!” I say, laughing.

The bell rings and we finish the blunt before walking in and heading for class. I take my usual seat at the back with the guys and Kinsley.

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