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“You okay?” I ask Kinsley.

“Yeah, I’m fine. Just not feeling too good,” she says as she turns to look at me.

“Do you need a doctor or something?” I ask, genuinely concerned about her.

“No. I’ve just been stressed with my college applications and not having my friend anymore,” she throws in with a bite to her words, and I just roll my eyes at her.

“Well, I’m glad you’re fine,” I say, avoiding the last part of her statement.

“Great, well, I’m glad you’re glad then I guess,” she grumbles before turning to the front again.

I turn to look at Asher in a silent question, asking him if he knows what’s going on with her but he just shrugs. I guess she’s still mad.

Mr. Smith comes into class and starts his lesson right away. I don’t listen to a word he’s saying. All my attention is on the chair that’s currently empty at the front of the class. I wonder where the hell she is.

Now that I think about it, I’ve noticed her skipping class more and more in the last week or so. At this rate, she’ll fail. But then again, that’s what I want, isn’t it? Like I said earlier, yesterday was a fluke.

I don’t know why the fuck I kissed her. Maybe it was because those few seconds it took to get to her had my adrenaline pumping. She was a second away from tipping over the fucking edge.

She’s so fucking stupid! Who the hell goes drinking by themselves and then almost falls off a bridge? Then I remember the words she said to me. I recall the pain in her voice when she told me to just get it over with and throw her off the rails…

I didn’t mean for her to hear that shit. I was just saying it to get Asher off my back. I didn’t know she was in the fucking library and overheard my words.

When she said that she could be dead along with my mother… I don’t know what happened. It felt like someone else took over my body and without thinking, I slammed my mouth down on hers to shut her up. I got carried away. I kept kissing her when I should have pulled away.

Obviously I’ve kissed girls before, but I haven’t in a long time. I discovered that many of them just wanted the money and not the man behind it. Oh, they wanted me alright, but they just cared about the money more.

So after a few of those lessons, I decided I no longer wanted any kind of intimacy with any of them. Hooking up was the way to go and they didn’t mind that. I’d give them my cock and buy them gifts, but there was no way I was falling for any of them. Every one of them thought they’d be the one to change me, but it never happened.

Until her that is.

Maybe that’s why I hate her so much. I shouldn’t be having any sort of feelings for her. Every time I find myself having those feelings, what happened to my mother comes back to haunt me and remind me of why I hate her in the first place.

Somehow, she’s the one girl who has the power to make me feel when I don’t want to feel anything but the anger and pain still consuming me every day. When I remember what I’m supposed to be doing, I get extra mean and say all that horrible shit to her.

I want her to hate me, so that there will be no way I’d fall for her. There can’t be any feelings if we both hate each other, right?

Plus, there’s still the matter of the secret that’s being kept from her. Only she doesn’t know that there are things being kept from her. But I do and even though I know what I do, it still doesn’t stop me from wanting her. Maybe I’m just as fucked up as my father is. I guess the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree after all.

By the time class is over and I move to the next class, she still isn’t here. Now I know that she’s not in school I wonder where the hell she is. I take my phone out and check the GPS tracking app I installed onto her phone.

It shows that she’s home. For some fucked-up reason, I need to see her. She better not be home with some other guy or I really will strangle her. As soon as that thought hits me, I’m out of my chair and walking out of class, ignoring the guys calling after me. I head to my car.

I peel out of the parking lot and head for her house. I pull into the garage of the house across from hers like I did last time and then walk over to her house, letting myself in. This feels like déjà vu, but I don’t care. I keep going.

I step into her room and see that it’s dark. She still has the blinds pulled down. I pull one of them up because I notice the lump in her bed. Now that there’s enough light in her room, I see that she’s sound asleep under the covers.

I walk over to her nightstand and pick up the bottle. It’s medicine for a cough and cold. So she’s sick… I don’t know why I suddenly feel a weird tingle in my chest but it happens. I don’t know what kind of weird shit keeps happening to me whenever I’m around her, especially these last few days.

Now that I can see that she’s sleeping and not with anyone else, I should leave. But I don’t. Instead, I move to sit on the chair by her window for a while and watch her. She hasn’t moved once in all the time I’ve been sitting here. Am I a creeper for watching her as she sleeps? Maybe, but I don’t particularly care.

When I get bored, I spend some time going through her stuff while she’s still sound asleep. I go to the drawer that has her panties in them and take two more and put them in my pocket. I mean, I can never have enough of her panties, right? Besides, my favorite thing to do is jack off into them and mess them up with my cum.

Now that I’m thinking about it, I get horny and I need to come right now. I grab another pair of her panties and take my pants off before getting into the chair again.

I start stroking my cock into her panties and the silky material feels so good on my skin. I look at her while I jack off. My movements become faster as I continue pumping. After a few minutes of stroking my cock hard and fast, I come right into her panties. A grunt escapes me at how hard I came and how fucking good it felt.

I scoop some of my cum from the panties and spread it across her lips. I hope she tastes my cum when she wakes up. I pull off the panties she’s currently wearing and put the cum-soaked panties on her and then pull them up, before throwing the blanket over her again. I like the fact that her pussy will be soaked with my cum.