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I’m breathing heavily as I look up and see that it’s Ax and Ez pulling us apart. The manager rushes over and tells us both to leave. I shrug Axel off of me and watch as she rushes over to the tool and starts to clean his face up.

I storm out of the shop. If I stayed inside, I’d probably do something I’d regret later. I mean, I can’t kill anyone with so many witnesses, but she’ll pay for it later. The guys follow me out the door as we make our way back to our cars.

“You good, brother?” Asher asks.

“I think you should go cool off at home,” Ezra says in a serious tone. I must have really been off the rails. He’s rarely ever serious when he’s around us.

“I’m fine. But today fucking sucks.” I sigh.

“I’m sorry, man,” they all say. Today was supposed to be my mom’s birthday. That’s why I’ve been so moody and angry today.

“I’ll see you guys tomorrow,” I tell them before I start to walk away.

“Are you sure you don’t want us to come and hang with you?” Axel asks, and I shake my head.

I get into my car and peel out. I drive all the way to the cemetery. Once I park, I take the bottle of whiskey I have in the backseat with me as I make my way to my mom’s grave. I take a seat on the grass and crack open the seal on the bottle. I take a swig and sit there as the burn of the alcohol goes down my throat. I take a few more swigs and when I have a nice buzz going, I finally decide to speak.

“Hey, Mom, guess what? Dad’s getting married. I hate her daughter so much but I also can’t help but feel other things even though I know it’s wrong,” I tell her. There’s nothing but silence. I’m alone here, like I always am. My fuckup of a father can’t be bothered to come visit her grave.

“I fucking hate you for what you did, you know? You messed me up, Mom! I’m walking around with a chip on my shoulder and nothing but hate in my heart. It fucking sucks that my family is the one who did that shit to me!” I scream as the tears I’ve been holding in for so long spill out. I keep drinking as more and more emotion pours out of me.

“I want to hurt her so much, Mom, but I also don’t want to hurt her… which of those would make you hate me more?” I question into the darkness. As usual, the answer I wish for never comes…

I sit there for a while longer. When I’m too tired of sitting there, I get up to leave. “Bye, Mom. I’ll come back some other day. Happy birthday,” I whisper before leaving.

I get into my car and pull away from the cemetery. Before I realize where I’m going, I’m driving over to her house because the need to see her is overwhelming. I know her mom is with my dad right now so I enter her house like I usually do and make my way up to her room and let myself in.

Her room is dark. When I turn her night-light on, I see that she’s fast asleep in bed. Instantly, the anger from earlier comes back in full force but I try to tamper it down. I don’t feel like fighting right now especially since I just visited my mom’s grave. If I follow my anger from earlier and with my current mood, I really might lose control and kill her.

I crawl into her bed and check her. She’s sound asleep which tells me that she probably took something to help her sleep. I know enough about sleeping pills after watching my mother take them religiously that I know how it looks when you’re on them.

I don’t care if it makes me sick that I love her this way, but the thought of her asleep like this makes my cock hard as stone. I get up from her bed and lock her room door just in case her mother decides to come home tonight and then cut off her night-light.

I take off my clothes before I slip back into bed with her. I get under the covers with her and just lay there for a while. I hear her whimper in her sleep a few times. I’m not sure if she knows I’m here or not, but her body moves in closer to mine.

Her ass is touching my dick and I don’t even fight the urge. I pull her sleep shorts and panties down and then spread her leg over mine. I wet my fingers before putting them to her clit and start rubbing.

I can feel her getting wet already so I use two of my fingers and slip them both into her hole. She’s tight and getting wetter by the second. Once she’s wet enough, I pull my fingers out and suck them clean.

The witch’s taste has me addicted to it and always wanting more. I grab my cock and stroke it a few times before I place the tip at her entrance. I push into her all the way to the hilt.

Her tightness and the heat enveloping my cock feels so good that a groan escapes me as I start to pump my hips from behind. Having her in this almost unconscious state has me harder than I’ve ever been before.

I’m not sure if she feels me inside her but a few small whimpers leave her. I continue thrusting my cock slowly in and out of her tight pussy. I grab her breast through her hoodie and squeeze as I speed up my thrusts. All I want to do right now is come.

I didn’t even bother taking all her clothes off since I just wanted to get my dick wet. A low growl escapes me as I finally start to come, blasting her pussy walls. I come so much it fills her pussy until my cum starts to leak out of her.

Being drunk and then coming so much has me tired and I close my eyes for a second. I plan to lie here until I can move again and then leave. Eventually, I fall asleep with my cock still buried inside her cum-filled pussy.



I feel sohot and groggy, dying of thirst when I start to wake up. Those sleeping pills really knocked me out when I took them and I haven’t slept that deeply in a long time.

My body feels weird and I’m not sure if it’s because of the pills or not. As I become fully awake, I feel a weird sensation in my groin area. It feels like something is poking me and it hurts a little, but it also kind of feels good.

Why the hell would I be feeling anything resembling pleasure right now? Maybe I’m still asleep and dreaming. At this point, I’m no longer sure what’s real or what isn’t anymore. My mind has been all over the place lately.

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