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I take the pair she was just wearing and add them to my collection. I look at the time and see that I need to get back for the game tonight. I leave her alone and walk away. I feel much better.

I’m in the zone as our team kicks some ass. We’re playing against Fairview tonight and I can’t wait for them to lose. We hate their quarterback.

The guy is a tool and Axel hates the guy with a passion. Not sure what the hell happened with the two of them but they’ve had a rivalry between them for the past two years or so. Because I have to support my best friend, I hate the tool as well.

As I run across the field, I forget about all that extra shit. The only thing that matters to me at this moment is the ball that’s in my hands. I run across the field, intent on making the winning touchdown.

The quarterback has other intentions. He has his guys running in my direction and I know their intent is to tackle me to the ground but I don’t pay attention to them. I keep running. I know my guys will have my back.

The guys from my team block their advances and it gives me the opening I need. Screams and chants erupt from the crowd as I score the winning touchdown.

I throw the ball onto the ground and let out a roar of happiness. We’re now one step closer to the semifinals and I am pumped and proud of my team. One second, I’m standing there and then the next, I’m flat on the ground as the guys tackle me as they hoot and holler, celebrating our win tonight.

When I finally manage to get them off of me, I’m not sure what makes me look toward the bleachers. I see Raine at the very front of one of them. I notice her right away because whenever she’s near, my eyes always find her and she always stands out, well, to me at least.

As I keep looking at her, I get pissed. She’s wearing a pair or short denim shorts along with a T-shirt and one of those zip-front hoodies.

I have no clue why she started wearing hoodies and sweaters when this place is hot as fuck, but whatever floats her boat I guess. I thought she was fucking sick earlier so what the hell is she doing here right now?

The crowd is starting to clear so I start to walk off the field as well. I don’t answer anyone who tries to talk to me. I make my way to the locker room to shower so I can get to her faster. I want to know what the hell she’s doing here. She’s sitting there, not moving, so I’m hoping to catch her before she leaves. Then again, I can always go back to her house and find her if she isn’t here when I’m done.

I need to have a word with her to remind her who the hell she’s here to serve. I’m pissed at seeing her here, especially in shorts. All these fuckers are getting an eye full of her legs.

I take the quickest shower ever and pull on my clothes even faster. I walk out to the parking lot, knowing that she probably left the bleachers already. I’m just in time to see Aiden, Fairview’s quarterback, throw his fucking arm around her shoulders like they fucking know each other.

I see red and want to murder both of them. I told her no other man is supposed to touch her and what does she do? She lets another man fucking touch her.

This girl is a fucking witch. I have no clue what the fuck is happening to me when it comes to her. I’m wanting things I shouldn’t want.

“You good, bro?” Asher asks as he and the guys walk up next to me. I didn’t even realize they were following me, which goes to show how caught up I was in her.

“Let’s follow her!” I snap. She’s following him, so I definitely want to see where they’re going. We all get into our rides and follow, making sure to keep our distance. We know this town like the back of our hands so I can already tell where they’re heading.

They stop at the ice cream shop. They’re talking and smiling as they head inside. The smile she’s giving him right now makes me want to rip them both apart. She’s not fucking allowed to smile at anyone like that.And yes, I’m aware that sounds psychotic. Do I care? Fuck no!

We wait a few minutes before going in after them. If I went in there right away, there’s no telling what I’d do. I give myself some time to calm down. I see fucking red as I walk inside the shop and see him leaning over her and touching her lips while she has another smile on her face for him.

The anger inside me is uncontrollable. All I want right now is to hurt her and destroy her, which is why I say the first dumb thing to come to my mind.

“Do you really think you should be eating ice cream right now? Aren’t you already fat enough?” I snap at her with so much venom in my voice I know she hears it. She instantly stiffens.

“What the fuck, dude? That was uncalled for!” the asshole snaps at me.

“I wasn’t speaking to you. I was talking to the witch!” I growl at him, not in the mood for his shit. I’m already fucking pissed at her.

“I’m so sorry,” I hear her say to him and that enrages me further.

“You have nothing to be sorry about. This asshole should be the one apologizing!” the asshole snaps, looking right at me.

“I don’t have to apologize for shit. She knows her place. Besides, I’m just giving her some friendly advice.” I snicker.

She says something to him that I don’t quite hear, but she stumbles out of her seat. Because I’m an asshole, I stick my foot out and she falls onto the floor face-first and she cries out.

“See, you really shouldn’t be eating ice cream if you can’t hold up your weight,” I tell her, and everyone laughs at her expense.

One minute, everyone is laughing and the next, things erupt into chaos as Aiden throws a punch at me. I was distracted, looking at her so he managed to catch me in the jaw. I retaliate by throwing a punch at him, tackling him. We go crashing onto the floor.

I hear her screaming at us to stop but I’m too far gone to listen to a word. I want to fuck this asshole up. But a minute later, I feel hands on me, pulling us apart.