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“Wow, Mom, you look absolutely gorgeous and stunning!” I gush as I look at her.

“So do you think this is the one?”

“No doubt about it!”

“Well I’m glad you like it,” she says, smiling at me. “Now it’s time for your maid of honor dress fitting,” she tells me and I groan.

“Do I have to?”


“Fiiiinnne,” I grumble as I get out of the chair I was sitting in.

I walk into the dressing room and look at the selection they have for me. I try on a few before I settle for a dusty rose floor-length dress that’s simple and has a deep-V at the front. I made sure to get one with long sleeves because of the scars.

“Are you sure you want to get long sleeves? It’s going to be hot,” Mom asks me when I walk out of the dressing room to show her my dress.

“It’ll be fine. The sleeves are made with lace so it’s light and won’t be hot,” I tell her. When she inspects it, she sees that I’m right.

“Okay. You look absolutely gorgeous too,” she tells me while giving me a warm smile.

“Thanks, Mom,” I say, returning her smile before I walk away to go and change back into my clothes. We also get shoes to match the dresses and I’m happy. It means we don’t have to go to another store for shoes. I like shopping just like the next girl but I’m just not in the mood today.

Once we’re done, the staff tells Mom that they’ll have the dresses sent to us. She agrees and then we walk out of there.

“Let’s go get an early dinner now,” she tells me as we get into her car. I look at the time and see that it’s already five thirty p.m. Wow, time really flies. Then again, we did leave the house pretty late.

“Okay,” I tell her but the thought of food has me feeling nauseated. I’ll just have to find a way to eat and not want to throw up in front of her. If I don’t eat, she’ll be on me fast, asking what’s the matter with me. I don’t need that right now.

Ten minutes later, we pull up to the most expensive restaurant in this town, and then we both get out of the car and head inside.

“Hello, ma’am. Your dinner party is already here,” the hostess greets my mother as we walk in.

“What? We’re having dinner with someone else?” I ask. This is news to me.

“Yes. We’re having dinner with Jonathan,” she tells me, like it’s no big deal.

“A heads-up would’ve been nice!” I grumble at her.

“I’m sorry, baby. It just slipped my mind,” she says apologetically.

I don’t believe her for one second. She was the one who said let’s come out for dinner, so obviously she knew she was meeting him here. Plus, she had ample time to let me know in the car.

I mean, I’m not opposed to meeting the guy because I’ll have to at some point, but a little heads-up before that happened would’ve been nice.

It feels like I’ve just been left out of the loop and she’s been living her own life since we got here. Like I’m not that important for her to make any of her decisions with and I hate it. I’m beginning to feel like an outsider in my own family, the way I feel everywhere I go in this town.

The hostess tells us to follow her and we do. When we get to the table, Jonathan Riverside is already there sitting. I have to admit that the man is good looking for his age. Well, he’s not that old. He looks to be about forty and he’s in shape.

I can see where Knox gets his god-like features from. He and his dad both look like they were carved like the Greek gods.

“Hello, sweetheart,” he says to my mom as he gets up from his seat when we approach. He pulls out her chair for her and then does the same for me.

“Thank you,” I say to him as he moves back to his seat.

“And you must be Raine,” he says, giving me a smile that looks genuine. There’s something else in his expression that I can’t quite place. It’s weird because he just keeps looking at me.

“Are you ready to order, dear?” my mom asks him and it’s like he comes back to his senses then. He laughs and clears his throat. I shrug it off because well, what else am I going to do?