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I take in the inside of the shop as we walk in. It’s gorgeous. It’s an open floor space with carpets on the floor and there are tons of beautiful dresses hanging along the wall around the room. The middle of the room has a comfy-looking couch and accent chairs surrounding it. The color scheme consists of browns and creams and gold lights, and a chandelier hanging from the ceiling.

This place screams money and the dresses look like they carry a hefty price tag as well. We’re the only ones in here. I guess they must have booked the entire place out for Mom to try on her dress.

One of the staff members brings out two glasses of champagne and hands one to Mom and then turns to me. I take mine and the lady leaves us alone.

“You’re not twenty-one yet,” Mom says, giving me a look.

“Come on, Mom! It’s just one glass. Besides, what’s the point in getting married to a rich guy if I can’t enjoy the perks?” I ask her, giving her my best puppy dog eyes.

Truth is, I’m already high and trying to act normal in front of my mother so she won’t suspect I’m on drugs. I’m thirsty and this champagne feels cold and nice in my hands. I bet it’ll feel much better going down my throat. Isn’t it funny that I’m not old enough to drink yet, but I can buy drugs? But then again that’s illegal, so that thought doesn’t even matter.

“Fine! But only one,” she says and I give her a big smile.

“You’re so awesome!” I tell her, giggling.

“Stop trying to butter me up and go sit! I’m going to go try on my dress,” she tells me.

I dutifully take a seat and grab my phone. I scroll through it as my mother goes into the dressing room to try on her dress. A second later, I get a text and pull out my phone from my bag to read it.

Aiden: How are you feeling today?

Me: Better. I’m dress shopping with my mom. She’s getting married soon :(

Aiden: LOL. Why the sad face? Isn’t that a good thing?

Me: In normal circumstances it would be… but it’s because of who she’s getting married to that makes me sad :(

Aiden: Oh this I’ve got to hear ;)

Me: Knox’s dad…

Aiden: Please tell me you’re pulling my leg!

Me: I wish I was!

Aiden: Is that why the dude was so possessive over you last night?

Me: Oh please! He is NOT possessive over me! The guy hates me for some reason and would rather see me die than ever be possessive over me.

Me: And again, I’m so sorry for last night!

Aiden: It’s fine, babe ;)

Me: How’s your face though?

Aiden: It’s fine. A kiss might make me feel better ;)

Me: LOL. I’m telling your girlfriend that you’re being a perv!

Aiden: Damn you wound me, babe! But you forget that she already knows you’re the annoying kid sister I never had ;)

Me: Gee, thanks, asshole!

I hear my mom’s voice as she comes out of the dressing room so I tell Aiden that I’ll text him later, and he tells me to have fun with my mom.

“So what do you think?” she asks as she comes out into the open space. My mouth literally drops open because she looks stunning.

She’s wearing a body con lace strapless dress that fits her body to perfection. It’s filled with crystals and rhinestones in the breast area that comes all the way down the middle to her stomach. It’s a floor-length dress. I have no doubt that this dress has an outrageous price.

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