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“Wow, you have a nice butt for an asshole,” I say and then giggle at my words.

“Shut the fuck up!” he says as he slaps me on my butt. Involuntarily a moan slips out of me and I’m not sure if he heard me.

When we get to where we’re going, he puts me back down to my feet. I see we’re in my room. I’m confused for a second because he just stands there and stares at me. When he turns around and closes and locks the door behind him, I realize that I might be in big trouble.



After I leftRaine’s room last night, I was grumpy as fuck for the rest of the night and barely slept a wink. Her words kept running through my mind on a continuous loop. Obviously they were true, and that was why I was so pissed.

I’m gonna go with my earlier sentiments and say that this girl is a witch. In the last two weeks or so, she’s had me doubting myself and making me feel things that I never thought I’d feel, especially for her.

I watch her as much as she watches me, and I don’t know but something’s been changing for me. It’s the little things about her that have been catching my attention. I still hate her but I’m also intrigued a little more now. It still doesn’t stop me from being rude to her or hating her. I guess you could say that I’m very conflicted.

That is why I’m in a piss poor mood as I make my way toward the kitchen to grab some coffee before leaving for school. I almost get the wind knocked out of me when Raine runs right into my chest and I’m instantly more annoyed than I was a second ago. I almost forgot the fact that she was living here now, and once I remember that tidbit of information, my mood sours even more.

“Watch it, fat ass!” I grumble so that only she can hear me.

“Good morning to you too, dickhead!” she growls back just as quietly.

I push her away from me because her touch burns my skin. The witch is definitely doing some shit to me. As much as I hate her, I can’t stop obsessing over her. The fact that she’s called me out on it a few times already, just serves to piss me off even more.

Somehow she’s captivated me without even doing anything. I’m not sure how to handle that. Well, I do, and it’s to continue with my childish games.

I push her away from me and I see her face instantly fall at my reaction, but I can’t bring myself to care. I can’t even let go of the hate I have for her. It would feel like I’m letting my mother down and that thought burns like a motherfucker.

I’m just about to walk back out of the kitchen and forget the coffee I wanted when I hear my dad tell her that I’ll drive her to school because some shit is wrong with her car. I didn’t hear what he said but I seriously don’t care either way.

“Let’s go! If you’re not in my car by the time I’m in it, then I’m leaving you behind!” I growl at her, a smidge more pissed than I was a second ago. I turn to leave, not saying a word to anyone else, least of all my father. The man can go suck a bag of dicks for all I care.

I hear her running to keep up with me and I smile to myself. Dick move, I know, but when the hell did I ever claim to be nice?

She throws open the passenger door just as I open mine and quickly gets in before buckling herself in and closing the door as I sit in the driver’s seat. I clench my jaw but don’t say anything because I have something else planned.

I drive off and when we make it about five minutes away from the house, I pull over onto the side of the road and turn to look at her.

“Get out!” I growl at her in a deadly tone. Her head snaps up, and she looks at me with wide eyes as she processes my words.


“I want you out of my car. You’re stinking it up with your disgusting smell,” I snap just to be petty as hell. It’s a lie though. She smells delectable and all it’s making me want to do is get her out of the car so that I can bend her over the hood and fuck the shit out of her. But I can’t do that or I’ll seem weak.

“Seriously? That makes no fucking sense!” she yells at me and I shrug. She grumbles something under her breath that I don’t quite catch.

“Don’t make me throw you out! Find your own way to school. I’m not your chauffeur,” I snap at her. Without waiting another moment, she gets out of my car pissed as hell and slams the door extra hard. I clench my jaw, trying not to react to her pettiness.

She’s lucky I have to be at school soon for practice, otherwise I would make her pay for that stunt. Nobody disrespects my baby like that, least of all her. I don’t wait another second as I peel away from the sidewalk and leave her standing there in my dust. Let the bitch find her own fucking way to school.

I don’t give a fuck.


My conscience seems to be a bitch today too, it seems.

I get to school, park, and get out of my car before making my way inside to the locker room so that I can change into my football gear.

Coach is pulling us out of our morning classes today so that we can get some extra practice in. Since we’re all doing well with our grades, he never has any trouble getting us out of class whenever he wants to. I step inside the locker room to see that the guys are here and already dressed in their gear.

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