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“Ooo, I’m down for it,” she says, giggling.

“As much as I’d love to hear the two of you giggling nonstop, we have things to do. So it’s time to go,” Cyrus says.

Camryn and I just begin giggling again. We have no idea what’s so funny but we just can’t seem to contain ourselves.

“Alright, let’s go!” Ransom says and then he lifts Camryn up and throws her over his shoulder while Wolf does the same to me.

They both walk toward their SUV and throw us both in before getting in themselves. Then they’re driving off.

“Hey, bestie, give me your number,” Camryn says and I give it to her.

“We are so talking about these hotties being your stepbrothers when we’re sober,” I say before I even realize I’ve said it out loud. I slap a hand to my mouth which causes Camryn to laugh hysterically.

A moment later, they pull through the gates to my new home since they were open and I’m left with my mouth open.


“We know everything that goes on around here,” Wolf says, giving me a wink. “Your stepbrother isn’t the only top dog around here,”

“Are you okay with making it up to your room?” Ransom asks.

“What am I, an amateur?” I laugh.

“Pretty much,” Cyrus says, rolling his eyes.

“Don’t roll your eyes at me, mister! By the way, how come you guys don’t hate me like everyone else?” I ask the question that’s been burning a hole in me.

“One, we don’t associate with petty high school drama. Two, we can make our own judgments on people and three, our sister here seems to like you, so I guess that makes you cool in our books,” he says. I want to cry with how nice they’re being right now.

“Not your sister!” Camryn pipes in.

“Damn it, Cyrus! You’re ruining our street cred! Tell anyone about this and we’ll deny it. But yeah, you’ve already had it rough. Having someone in your corner is what you need,” Ransom says, winking at me.

“Thank you, guys!” I tell them. “And I’m glad you found me,” I tell Camryn.

“Right back at ya! We have to hang out again soon!” she tells me.

“I’d like that,” I tell her as the guys drive off.

She was nice and I really hope that this is real and I have another friend. I have Aiden but another one wouldn’t hurt. I don’t want this to turn into what happened with Kinsley—getting my hopes up at having a friend only to be let down in the worst possible way and being hurt by that person. I guess we’ll see how this new friendship goes.

I stumble my way to the front door. As soon as I step through the door and close it behind me, I’m slammed up against it, and a very pissed off Knox is looming over me. I stare up at him. Both his hands are over my head and his body is blocking me in.

“Where the fuck have you been?” he snaps angrily at me. I shrug and don’t answer, which seems to anger him more. “Answer my fucking question!”

“Why the fuck do you care? You left me stranded on the side of the fucking road! If you really wanted to know where I was then you shouldn’t have left me there!” I scream angrily at him. How fucking dare he demand to know where I was when he fucking abandoned me at the side of the freaking road. “Tell me again how the big bad Knox doesn’t care about the whore!”

“Did you let any of them fuck you? Is that why they brought you here? Are you fucking drunk?” he seethes.

“So what if I did and what if I was?” I retort. I’m trying to look up at him but there’s like five of him standing in front of me right now. Damn it. I really am fucking high right now but I love the feeling. A giggle escapes me.

“Do you think this is fucking funny?” he growls.

“What do you want me to tell you? That I had a four—no wait, fivesome with the guys and that girl? Huh, is that what you want to know? That I was out being the whore you keep calling me?” I snap at him.

“For your sake, none of what you just said better be true!” he growls in my face.

“Move out of my way, dickhead!” I mumble as I try to move away from him, but he doesn’t budge. In the next moment, my whole world tips over, or at least that’s what it feels like. I realize it’s because he’s thrown me over his shoulder and is walking somewhere with me.

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