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He had lost.

“No.” Emrick chuckled, sliding the blade along his tongue, still wet with my blood as he held Tate down. “ButIcan.” Tate cried out as Emrick drove the blade into his chest, cutting long and deep, blood rushing from the wound and joining the water on the floor. Bile rose in my throat as I watched Tate’s chest cavity open under Emrick’s violent treatment before a warm hand touched my cheek as Mike turned my face to his.

“Mike…” I whispered, wincing at the pain of being moved. “You’re human.”

Mike looked at his hand briefly before pressing it to my wound, making me flinch. I groaned, but the room was spinning, and I couldn’t manage much more than that.

“I don’t understand,” he said, shaking his head.

Emrick’s face swam into view, streaked with blood, as were his teeth. My thoughts were confused. Wasn’t he an angel? Even a fallen angel shouldn’t be more terrifying than a demon. Emrick pointed upward to the bars. “Jacob’s blood is on these bars, surrounding you. That’s why you didn’t finish the transformation.”

“What does that mean?” Mike asked, his voice laced with desperation and confusion.

Emrick stared at Mike, his expression unreadable. “It means you love him.”

He loves me?

Mike’s face came into clarity as he stared at me. He was trembling, and I wanted to tell him not to cry, that I would be okay. But all I could manage was a weak smile. At least, I think that’s what I managed. I couldn’t be sure.

Everything felt numb.

Everything was spinning and fading.

He loves me?

He saved me.

He loves me.

We saved each other.

Everything went black.


Mike moved above me, and I smirked as I coughed blood onto my chest. I’d managed to drag myself toward the back of the cage but slumped against it. I was dying. Fucking Emrick had killed me. I glared at him, and he stared back. No remorse, no expression, but a glint in his eye that reflected my hatred of him back at me. If I had known that fucker was going to tag along, I would have assembled the army I’d been creating to bring him down. Emrick was never a team player, and I had no reason to believe he would get involved.

Fucking Earl.

There were noises in the background. I couldn’t place them, and it sounded like my sister was screaming. What was she carrying on about? I wasn’t doing anything to her, though I tried. A cage was rattling, not this one. I couldn’t feel anything. Voices. Was that Ray? Fucking hell, that bitch was everywhere. Fuck this. I didn’t care enough to try to sort out the confusion of shit going on around me. Nothing mattered anymore. I’d failed, fucking abysmally. Fuck this.

I coughed.

I may have a demon’s blood in me, but I was still human.


“Would you have killed me?” I asked, and Mike watched me. Emrick was tending to Mike’s lover, having reassured Mike that he would be okay, that it was mostly shock, and I cursed internally. I didn’t even get to killhim. This entire plan went to shit all because that fucker, Earl, dragged Emrick into this.Was it a setup?I’d never know. Earl was loyal to no one, after all.

Mike shook his head. “I never wanted to hurt you. Why did you do all this?”

I reached up, ignoring the tremble of my arm, and ran my fingers down Mike’s face, leaving a trail of blood. “To show you that when pushed, you’re no better than me.”

Mike’s face disappeared from view as he was shoved to the side, everything was blurry beyond my immediate vision, and when Nikki’s face came into focus, I cursed, scowling at her, trying and failing to spit blood into her face. Her look of disgust told me she knew my intention.

“Where’s Cole?” she asked, grabbing my shoulders. My head lolled to the side, and it took me a moment to understand what she was asking. “Where’s the man who killed our father? Where did he go? I know you know!”

She was shaking me, and no one was stopping her. No one was crying outno, please, you’ll hurt him morebecause no one cared. Not even me. I simply let her shake me. Blood gurgled from my mouth and dribbled down my chin as I chuckled.