The Demon in Him

Author: Stefanie Dawn
Category: M-M Romance | Romance
Total pages: 63

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The Demon in Him

Earthly pleasures hold a certain appeal, even to those from the underworld.

Demons come to Earth for fun, but I came here because I knew something was wrong with me.

The instinctual craving for violence felt separate from how I see myself, and I hated it.
No matter how much I fought the instinct, it was always there, clawing at me from the inside and reminding me of its presence.
My demon was demanding to be satiated.

I wanted to escape, and when I fell for and bonded with a human, he turned out not to be who I thought he was.
Although part of me believes it was I who corrupted him.

I couldn’t allow myself to feel those things again.

But Jacob draws me in, and I ache to touch and care for him with a part of me I long thought I had under control.
My demon craves to possess, protect, and dominate.
I thought I was past all that.

In running from myself, I created a past I can’t escape, and now I’ve put Jacob in danger.

And when my past lover catches up with me, it’ll be his life or mine.

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