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Altair was rigid with shock. Had he fucking heard his princess right?

"I watched a lot of things last night," Safiya whispered.


He couldn't help reaching for his cock at her words, and he felt himself swell in his grip as he saw the way she was staring at his member.

"You watched porn. Is that it?"

The sheikh's voice was guttural with lust, and all Safiya could do was nod as her body burned even hotter at the sound.

"And you saw a woman pleasure a man with her mouth."


"And you want to do the same thing?"

She started to speak, but when she saw the way the sheikh had slowly started stroking his cock, all she could do was whimper and nod. Yes. Yes. Yes.

"Do you think this will fit in your mouth, Safiya?"

Another whimper escaped her, and Safiya slowly shook her head. How could it, when his cock was still swelling in size even to this very moment?

"But you'll take it anyway, won't you?"

She couldn't help moaning.


She would totally take it.

His cock in her mouth.

And oh...oh...oh...

The sheikh ordered her to sit on the edge, and her heart raced and pounded even as she scrambled to do his bidding. He stepped between her legs, and the sheikh was so large and tall that she didn't even have to bend her back. His cock was directly at her face, and her need for him grew.


"Are you hungry for this, hamira?"

"Nem, alshaykh."

"Then take it." His voice turned harsh. "Show me what you've learned."

And she did.

And nearly drove Altair out of his mind with lust.

Her mouth fit around his cock like a glove.

Her tongue swirling over every sensitive inch.

Her teeth scraping against the swollen tip of his arousal.

And the way she fucking sucked...while her fingers gripped him so tightly...

Fuck. Fuck. Fuck.

If she was this good after just one fucking night of watching porn, then what more...


The thought of how much better his serious little hamira could get had Altair groaning, and when the sound had Safiya sucking harder on his cock while her fingers picked up the pace—-

He just fucking couldn't help it.

His fingers driving through the soft, sable locks of her hair—-

And then he was fucking her mouth.

His cock hitting the back of her throat.

And his sweet girl didn't even choke or protest.

She just fucking sucked and sucked.

Until his balls started to ache, and a groan escaped Altair. "I'm about to cum, hamira—-"

She answered by cupping the bare muscled cheeks of his ass, and when he felt her nails dig deep into his flesh—-


He came hard and fast, his hands gripping her head as his cock shot its load straight down her throat.

Over and over and over.

He couldn't ever remember cumming this hard before—-

Couldn't fucking remember a girl pleasuring him this much—-

That it almost made Altair forget all of this was still part of a game.

Chapter Nine

Dear Mama,

I received a letter. I think it's from Saul. I shall not answer it, but I think it's time I write to Papa and let him know the truth.

THE MONTHS THAT FOLLOWED showed a distinct change in the sheikh's schedule that his staff was too well-trained to remark on. That the military commander was a workaholic was an open secret in the defense department; the only time the man left his post was when specifically commanded by the Emir Sheikh to take a few days off. In such cases, it was also usually because the king had been forced to do so by his fearsome aunt Princess Vanna, who was Sheikh Altair's mother.

Nowadays, however...

Yara was at the canteen in the military base when a group of soldiers seated behind her started gossiping like girls about their esteemed commander. Although made effective months ago, Altair's decision to relocate his office to Ramil's northernmost base was still a hot topic apparently; senior officials believed this move was entirely strategic while the younger soldiers believed differently.

"This base is just an hour's drive away from Mushriq, brother. I'm telling you that's the only reason for it."

"If it is, can you blame the man? His fiancée is the Ramilian Khaleesi. I'd even move to the North Pole and brave the cold if that's what it takes to win her hand."

"You'd be dead before that happens. The sheikh is said to be very possessive about his betrothed."

Yara took a sip of her coffee to hide her smile. The soldiers were absolutely right about Altair's reasons for relocating. And with Altair also going as far as scheduling the majority of his meetings in the early hours of the day, the sheikh was now often free to join his betrothed for lunch.

So much had changed between those two, and while Yara felt happy for them, she, too, had initially been taken aback at how quickly things had progressed between the couple.

In each other's presence, the pair displayed what seemed like an unconscious need to remain in contact. If Altair wasn't holding Safiya's hand, it would be Safiya leaning her head on his shoulder. If Altair wasn't absently playing with her hair, it was Safiya affectionately brushing a lock of the sheikh's hair away from his forehead.

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