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“Yes,” she pants, gripping the bar top once more. “Yes, make me take it.”

It’s then that I let loose. I’m not a monster by any means (at least, that’s what I like to think) but there’s something about this sassy blonde that gets to me. I mean, we just met for fuck’s sake, yet she’s taking my cock in her ass. Not only that, but she’s built just the way I like them – curvy, slutty, and generous with her holes. Lust rises in my chest, and with it, a possessiveness that I can only describe as brutal.

“You’re going to take it,” I say in a throaty voice, my eyes fixed on where we’re joined. My enormous cock disappears and reappears from within her tiny butthole, and yet Petunia continues to moan, taking the deep shaft like a champ. “You’re going to get a giant load of come in this pretty little ass. Are you ready for that?”

The blonde merely squirms a bit, her pussy so wet that my balls stick to it whenever I push into her sweet form.

“Yes, I’m ready, Daddy,” she pants. “Give me that deposit. Put it where it belongs.”

I growl with approval, my big hands on her slim waist as she continues to absorb the buttfucking.

“Good, because my load’s huge,” I rasp. “You’re going to be leaking my semen for days. So much that you’ll have to wear a maxi in your panties to soak up the drips.”

She nods breathlessly, her anus clenching in anticipation.

“I look forward to it, Daddy,” she breathes. “I want your seed. Give it to me.”

With that, I explode. I can’t believe how dirty Petunia is, and how she’s letting a strange man fuck her in the ass after only ten minutes of conversation. I can’t believe we’re doing it out in the open at the Red Rooster too, and for a moment, I remember that there must be security cameras all over the place. Well, fuck that, because I’m taking what I want, and in this case, that means Petunia’s sweet bottom.

With a muffled roar, my cock jerks, my balls rising with anticipation. Then, the come shoot at the base of my shaft ripples, and I begin pumping loads of salty seed into Petunia’s anal chamber, her canal clenching as she’s sprayed with male liquid.

“Oooh!” she cries out, her rear end rippling as she begins to climax as well. “Mmmm, yes!”

Our moans blend in harmony as we cry out with ecstasy, unable to keep our pleasure on the down-low. Her curvy form trembles in my arms as her pussy and ass spasm, vaginal fluids gushing hotly from her sweetest spot to coat my balls and thighs as I ream into her once more, cramming my shaft deep into her back chamber.

“Fuck baby,” I moan into her ear. “Oh shit shit shit.”

The curvy girl merely turns her head to kiss me even as I continue to spray into her round rear end.

“Mmmm,” she moans, that plush pout so soft and sweet despite the anal hardcore we’re currently engaged in. “Oh yes.”

Finally, the pumping slows somewhat and I pause, still embedded in her ass. We’re sweaty and breathing hard, and yet no one seems to notice. The customers at the other end of the bar are still going about their merry way, and not one person has walked past us to use the bathroom. Weird. It’s fucking strange if you ask me, but then again, everything about this situation is bizarre.

With a slow grunt, I pull out of Petunia’s ass and watch with avid eyes as white fluid seeps up from inside her hole before spilling over one big buttock. But Petunia’s fast. She reaches backwards with one hand, cupping her butthole in order to catch the fluid, and then lifts her hand and laps at her fingers, smiling naughtily at me all the while.

“Mm, you’ve been eating well, Brant,” she coos with a flirtatious wink. “You taste real good. But you only took two of my holes,” she mock pouts. “You want to sample the third?”

Immediately, my cock jerks, going from rubber to iron in about two seconds flat. How the fuck does this woman do it? I just unleashed a huge load, and yet now, I feel like I’m ready to go again.

With devilish blue eyes, I lean forward to kiss the beautiful blonde before reaching forward to tweak her clit once more, making her gasp and startle.

“Of course I’d love to sample your mouth, baby,” I rasp so that only she can hear. “But why don’t we go someplace else? Are you ready to bust this joint?”

Immediately, the curvy girl slides off the bar stool before hitching up her neckline while simultaneously pulling down her skirt. Her sweet sensitive spots are now covered, but there’s nothing that can hide the flush in her cheeks, the swollenness of her lips, or the beautiful tangle of her curly locks.

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