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“You know us,” Bear said.

“I have to go home.” My words were soft, maybe too soft for them to even hear.

“This is your home now,” Ursid was the last one to speak. “But we only want you to be happy, so if you want to go back, we’ll all go back. We’ll all be together.”

I turned and faced the still closed door, my heart racing as I reached for the handle.

“And you know why we’ll all be together?” Bear was turning the handle and pushing the door open before I could respond. I took a step back as all three bears pushed their way through the oversized doorway and came into the room. “We’ll all be together,” he growled, “no matter where you’re at.”

They came closer.

“Because you’re ours, and we won’t let you go.”




Her apprehension shouldn’t have made my cock throb, but my shaft grew harder with each passing second as she stood there staring at us with her beautiful, wide blue eyes.

I reached down, gripping the massive girth, my cock overflowing my paw. I stroked the length from root to tip, pushing out more seed until it dropped onto the wooden floor when I got to the crown.

I didn’t have to look at my brothers to know they were now doing the same.

“We’d never force you,” I whispered, almost tenderly to not give her more apprehension. “But we also won’t let you go. You are ours. We are yours. It’s an undeniable fact that is ingrained in us.” I said these words, ones I deemed on the sweet side as I jerked off.

It should’ve been an obscene act, but I wanted her to see all sides of us, wanted her to know that we were fierce yet could be gentle.

“But the sooner you realize this is what has to happen, the sooner we can start our lives together.”

She shook her head, but I didn’t scent any denial from her. She was confused, which was expected.

I stayed back with my brothers, giving her a moment to process. I wanted to claim her right now, to strip her out of the layers that made up her dress, toss her in the center of the bed, and feast between her lush, thick thighs.

I wanted to rub my nose up and down her slit, lapping up the wetness that spilled from her. I knew she had the sweetest honey I’d ever taste. My cock throbbed and leaked even more pre-cum.

It was obscene, but my body knew what it wanted, what it had always desired. And that was the female standing before us.

She licked her lips and smoothed her hands up and down her bodice. I sensed she was nervous. Even if we caused it, the strong, protective, and territorial side of me rose.

“I’m tired.” Her voice was buttery soft.

I just now realized that the storm was still raging outside. My focus had been solely on Goldie and my needs and wants. And although the latter was paramount in me, her pleasure and comfort came first.

I looked at my brothers, who felt my gaze and pulled the focus off our female to look at me. We communicated silently, all of us knowing she needed space. She needed to let all of this sink in.

We knew claiming her wouldn’t happen tonight, but walking away from her seemed unnatural.

Ursid was first to walk toward her. She held her ground, our fierce little thing, and tipped her head back and met his gaze. He smoothed his massive paw over her hair, tangling his claws in the honey-colored strands. Then he leaned in and dragged his tongue along the side of her face.

She gasped and took a step back, but he tightened his paw in her locks, keeping her in place so he could take her flavor into him.

Bruin was next, doing much of the same, but he went lower, licking at her pulse point.

I noticed the subtle changes in her. The way her breathing increased, how her pupils were dilated. The fact her little nipples were poking through her bodice.

And then it was my turn.

I waited until my brothers left, and then I walked closer, crowding her, forcing her to move backward until I could shift her so her back was to the wall.

I stared down at her for long moments, taking in every curvy inch of her.

Her face was nice and full, her breasts large and jiggly with every hard breath she took. Her belly had gorgeous rolls I could make out under her dress, her hips flared out.

I knew from watching her bathe how she looked nude, those beautiful thick thighs that I imagined spreading as we took turns running our snouts and tongue through her center.

She was built to carry our cubs. She was made for us.

“I know what will please our female,” I growled and leaned down to drag my tongue along the swells of her breasts.

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