Primal (Monsters and Beauties)

Author: Jenika Snow
Category: Paranormal | Romance | Fantasy
Total pages: 25

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Primal (Monsters and Beauties)

They didn’t care who got me pregnant… just that one of them did.

The first time I saw the beasts, I’d wandered off and gotten lost.
But I hadn't been alone. Not the entire time.
I’d been found, just not by something that was human.
Bear-beasts. They were myths whispered amongst the villagers and that parents told their children before bed to keep them inside, to make them fearful of what lurked in the dark.
Seven-foot-tall creatures covered in fur, with sharp claws, fangs, and the strength of a hundred men.
But the creature kept me safe and led me out of the woods.
I never saw it again, but I felt it—no, I felt them—watching me.
Following me.
Stalking me.
They waited for me all these years. Protected and provided for me, even when I hadn’t realized it.
Now, I was on my own, and not one but three primal beasts had come for me.
And what they wanted was simple:
To make me theirs in any way they saw fit.
I was Goldie, and these were now my three bears.