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“Cleaning you up babe.”

“Why? Aren’t you mad at me?”

I raise an eyebrow. “Why would I be mad?”

“Cause I fought with Elena. Because I’m not the girlie girl in dresses and heels that I once was.”

I grab her face. Making sure to keep her eyes on me when I know she wants to shy away. She’s waiting for the rejection. Not happening. She still has lingering doubts. “Never. You want to train, I’ll spar with you. You want to keep competing.” Her eyes grow wider. Yeah, she didn’t tell me that fun fact. I had to find out from Killian, that my girl was an underground fighting champ. It stunned the shit out of me. But honestly. I fucking love it. I love that my girl found a passion. Something that made her feel strong again so I had time to get my head out of my ass and find her. “I’ll be cheering the fucking loudest. You want to wear scrubs or sweats everyday including walking down the aisle, I’ll still think you’re the sexiest fucking woman in the world. I loved you Keira. Not because of the clothes you wore, or the perfect persona you tried to project. I saw you. I see you. I still love you.”

“You love me? How, why? We don’t know each other anymore.”

Ah. So that’s why she hasn’t said it back to me. Why she still had reservations. No worries, I can be patient. “I know enough. Know you are smart, strong, passionate, devoted. Know how you drink your coffee with two sugars and a shit ton of french vanilla creamer. Know you like pickles on your sandwiches. Jalapeños in your cottage cheese. You hate the taste of water. Bottled, tap, cold, warm, doesn't matter you hate it, but you drink it because you know its what your body needs. Know you became a doctor despite everything Santo put you through because you made a promise to your parents.” I stop for a moment, so I can take the half-step closer to her, closing the gap between us completely. My hand moves up to cup her cheek while the other goes around to pull her ass closer to me. “There are a few things I don’t know.”

I kiss her nose. “Like how your come tastes.” Moving over to her left ear, I nip at it. “How you sound when I’m fucking you.” I move over to her other ear and repeat. “If our daughter will look like you or a mix of us both.” Then finally her lips. I kiss her long and deep. Pouring my heart and soul into it. Letting her feel my erection rubbing against the heat of her pussy. When she begins to grind against me, I know I need to pull back or risk going off in my pants. “I can’t think of anymore at the moment but I’m sure there are hundreds. And I pray I’m lucky enough to get to spend the next fifty to sixty years with you, so I can find them all.”

A tear slips from her eye. She wipes it before I can. It lingers on her finger. She stares at it entranced. “Until you came back, I hadn't cried in seven years.” Her admission guts me.

I’m rendered speechless. I’m not sure I’m breathing. My Keira is a sensitive soul. She used to cry at commercials for wildlife preservation funding. “I thought it was because I was broken.” She continues. “But after a few months I knew that wasn’t true. I wasn’t broken. It was my heart.” Her teary eyes, move from looking at her hand, to staring in my eyes. Into my soul. “It was missing." I cup her cheeks and bring our foreheads together. “From the moment I met you, you held my heart. I couldn’t cry, couldn’t mourn because a part of me knew you still had my heart and you would keep it safe until you could return it to me.”

I can’t help but to smile. I kiss her. Putting every bit of my heart and soul into it. All my love. “Not giving it back.” I announce. She looks confused. I kiss her again. “It’s mine. Just as mine is yours. Ain’t giving it back. I'm keeping it.”

Her cheeks turn crimson from her deep blush. “Okay.”

“There was never anyone else. I already said it, but I feel the need to repeat it.” She pulls back slightly. Her eyes crystal clear. “No one. Not a fuck, a blow job, or even a kiss. I've given women passing glances. Never lingering because I knew they could never measure up to you.”

She launches herself into my arms. “Me too. Except I did kiss a few times, but only ever Killian.” I give a growl. I’m not mad. My inner beast is possessive. There was no stopping it from escaping my mouth. “It didn’t mean anything. I swear. Just a few kisses, hugs and hand holding. He slept in my bed a few times when the nightmares became too much. But I swear he was a gentleman. He only ever held me. Rubbed my back and brushed my hair. Made sure I could calm down and feel safe.”

“Not going to lie. Part of me wants to punch him for touching you. The other part of me knows I owe him a debt that I’ll never be able to repay. He kept you safe for me.” Our kissing resumes. And it gets hot quickly. She grabs my shirt and pulls it over my head. When she reaches for my pants I have to stop her. “Not yet.”

She pouts. Full on pushed her bottom lip out and pouts. “Don't make me wait any longer. I’ve already waited seven years.”

“Soon. I swear. I want to take care of you first.” I bring her bruised knuckles up to my mouth so she can see them and I can kiss them. “You and Elena beat the shit out of each other, and I can tell by the way you’re leaning that you’re favoring one side of your ribs. Once I get you in our bed, we aren’t leaving for a long time, so I’m going to need you to get your strength up.” She pouts and tries to pull me back in for a kiss. “Let me do this please.”

“Okay.” I fill the bath with cold water, then move to the closet. On the floor below the shelves of towels, soaps, and bubble bath I had stocked up, is an ice machine. With the way my girl fights, she’s going to need frequent ice baths to soothe the aches and pains, and I plan to be the one to give them to her.

I go about scooping the ice and dropping it into the tub. I can hear Keira rustling behind me. “You have an ice machine in here?” She asks. I nod, as I continue my task.

“Got it installed this morning. Wanted to make sure I had everything I needed to take care of you.” I finish placing the last scoop of ice and turn to her. “Fuck.” Naked.

My Keira is naked. Not an ounce of hesitation or nerves is showing on her face. She holds herself straight and tall. Confident. Damn right she should be. She is a goddess. Curves in all the right placed, yet has a damn six pack. How that is possible, I don’t know. Don’t ask me. Her nipples are hard, rosy points, begging for me to lick, suck, and bite them.

I don’t let my eyes wander lower. If I do, I won't be able to stop myself from picking her up and taking her against the door, the wall, on the floor, on the counter, in the shower, and the tub.

Tub! I spin to turn off the water before it overflows. I pull the drain to let a bit of water out so Keira can get in. I can’t speak. My tongue is in knots, and I’m trying to keep my lips closed so I don’t drool like a fool all over the floor.

I offer her my hand to help her step in, so she doesn’t slip, then I back up while she sits to let her soak. I need to keep my distance for a moment while I calm my dick down. With my hands in my pockets, I move across the room, to lean up against the counter.

When we're both satisfied her aches have been soothed. I help her stand and move her to the shower. She had a good sweat going. I had intended to let her shower alone. My girl had other ideas. She pulls me in. Clothes and all.

I am powerless to stop her as she strips me down to my boxers. There is no missing the giant tent my dick has created. She gives me a smirk as she runs a single fingertip along it’s length. Then teases me further by turning around, moving her hair over one shoulder and sweetly asking me to wash her back.

Unable to help myself, I do her back, then wash and conditioner her hair too. She is making the sexist moans as I massage her scalp. My dick which was already rock hard, is now a steel pole. I swear it’s never been this engorged or hard before. The little minx knows it too. She grinds her hot little ass all on it. Thank god she kept one layer of clothing on me. The bastard is still trying to escape it’s cloth prison. If we were both naked, I’d have my cock in her already.

While I was distracted with thoughts of my dick, Keira somehow manages to turn around and drop to her knees. Her hands make quick work of dragging down my boxers. “Keira.” I whisper. No, it’s not a whisper. It’s a moan. A plea. She is too gorgeous to resist like this. On her knees, eyes filled with lust, and her tiny fingers skimming my cock.

I try to grab her and get her to stand. She waves me off. “You’re right. I am a bit sore.” I nod in acknowledgment and attempt to get her to stand again. “I’m not up for anything more, but I want this. I wanted it then, and I really fucking want it now.” Then her hand tightens around the base of my dick. Her tongue swirling over the head. Lapping at my pre-come that is continuing to leak out.

Her mouth is sinful. Taking me deep. Brushing her tongue on the other side with each back and forth motion she makes. Every few passes, she takes him completely out, and licks him. Going up one side and down the next. Then she teases the sensitive vein that runs along the base. I

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