Author: Nova Mason
Category: Romance
Total pages: 39

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To secure an alliance, one of us has to marry a Russian.
It’s down to me or Milan.

A few weeks ago, I would have followed orders without question.
Today, I’m not sure I can.

It turns out, Bosco and Violet weren’t the only couple Santo screwed over.
It took me seven years to find out. I just hope it doesn’t take me seven years to find her again.

Complications arrive around every corner. I’m captured, beaten, shot, planning a coup with the Russians, hunting down the Cartel leader Ramirez, and the Irish just blew up our front gate.

And that’s just my issues.

It’s fight night in the underground world and I’m the headliner.
My fiancé hates it when I get in the ring, but he knows I need it. The pain, the adrenaline.

We’re not marrying for love. He’s protecting me, and I’m protecting his secret.
But when the past kidnaps me and refuses to let me go, can I be trusted to make the right decision.

Will choosing a second chance, bring war to all our doors, or is it already here?
I’ve been fighting to protect myself for so long, but the one I could never protect myself from is him.

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