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I watch the stairs for Sam and Colin, keeping my ear to the radio. Then all of a sudden, I hear Colin’s voice, “Chief, we found the kids, but the hallway is too dangerous to go back through. We need a ladder to the east window.”

“Get a ladder to the east side window of the third floor,” I tell the men running the ladder.

I watch the ladder move painstakingly slow, worry gnawing at me, with Sam in that building. Then I watch as Strahn walks the ladder, and the window opens. I can see Strahn grabbing one of the kids, carrying them back down the ladder. I see Colin come out of the ladder, and Sam handing him the other child.

“Come on, Sam,” I mutter, waiting for her to get on the ladder. I watch her climb out, grabbing the ring of the ladder, when all of a sudden, it moves, and she is pulled out the window, hanging on, like she’s holding onto a monkey bar.

I hear all the gasps from around me, and I’m yelling at the ass who moved the damn ladder before Sam was securely on it.

“Sorry, Chief, I didn’t mean for it to move. When I grabbed the kid from Strahn, he kicked it with his foot,” he’s telling me as he’s trying to get the ladder down as fast as possible.

I yell into the radio, “Don’t you let go, Sam.”

I watch as Colin turns around and then looks at the child, looks back at Sam, then down at me. I can see his loyalty divided.

“Keep bringing the child down, Clark. Sam, keep holding on until we get you closer to the ground.”

I watch as Colin moves quickly and safely as possible to get the child down to the guys, so he can go back and save Sam.

Strahn meets him halfway and takes the kid from him. Clark wastes no time climbing back toward Sam. I watch as one of her hands slips off the rung, and she’s dangling with one hand. I don’t know how much longer she can hold on, and the ladder isn’t at a safe distance to where she won’t break a bone or her neck.

Colin is climbing to her as quickly as he can, but I don’t know if he’s going to make it in time, and my heart is beating out of my chest in fear of what will happen if she falls.

I watch as Colin reaches her just as her other hand loses its grip. I feel my heart in my throat as I watch him grab her arm and pull her up to the top of the ladder.

“Got her, Chief,” Colin says, and the crowd cheers as they watch everything unfold.

“Roger,” I say into the radio, and continue directing and coordinating all personnel to get the fire put out, my heart still beating rapidly, with thoughts of what could have happened.

Once the fire is put out, the equipment is packed up, and we roll back to the firehouse. As soon as the firetrucks pull back into the bay, I look over everyone and see the exhaustion in their eyes. My eyes search out Sam, and finally see her slowly get out of the Engine. Her eyes lock on mine, and she gives me a small smile. I nod, then head back to my office, knowing she will want to clean up.

There’s a knock on my door, and I call out, “Come in.”

The door opens, and it’s the woman who owns my heart and thoughts.

“Hey, Chief,” she says, walking in and closing the door. Before I even think, I’m around my desk and pulling her into my arms.

“You scared me today,” I admit to her.

“I was scared, too,” she mumbles into my chest.

She pulls back, looking up at me, and I kiss her lips, sliding my tongue into her mouth to kiss her deeply, tasting her, needing the reminder she is alive, safe, and mine.

I hear her moan, causing my cock to harden. I undo her pants, needing to feel her pussy wrapped around my cock.

“I have to be inside you, baby girl, I need to feel you,” I tell her.

“Yes, please, daddy,” she whispers as I kiss her neck.

“Put your hands on the desk,” I demand while undoing my pants, pulling my cock out, and pumping it.

I stare at her glorious ass. “Spread your legs farther, baby girl,” I tell her, taking in her glistening pussy as she covers my desk, looking absolutely gorgeous and delectable.

I want to eat her pussy so bad that my mouth waters at the thought, but I know we don’t have time for that, and I need to be inside her more.

“You are going to have to be quiet, baby girl. This will be rough and quick, do you understand,” I whisper in her ear.

“Yes, daddy,” she whispers back, and I slam my cock inside her, causing her to squeak, while biting her lip.

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