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I begin to pound into her, like a man on a mission, getting as deep as I can and still trying to get deeper.

“Fuck, baby girl, you feel so fucking tight,” I whisper while fucking her hard.

I feel her walls begin to tighten, and as much as I want to take my time with her, show her how much I love her, I know we don’t have that here.

“That’s right baby, come all over me, show me who makes you come.”

Those words send her over, and she comes hard, causing me to come hard, deep inside her.

I lift her off my desk, turn her head, and kiss her deeply. When we pull apart, I tell her, “When we get home in the morning, I’m going to show you how much I love you, starting with eating this perfect pussy.”

I can feel her pussy clench at my words and see the tears pool in her eyes, “I love you too, Connor, so much. I was afraid I wasn’t going to get the chance to tell you.”

I hold her while the tears fall then I kiss her deeply again. I pull my cock out of her, and help her get dressed, before pulling up my own pants.

“I can’t wait to show you all the ways I love you. Now, go get a shower before I have to take you again.” She gives me another kiss, then leaves my office.

My cock is rock hard again, and morning can’t come fast enough.



Ileave Connor’s office, making my way to the shower. I can’t believe we just had sex in his office, but I won’t say that I regret it. Hanging onto that ladder, I realized if I made it through safely, I needed to be honest with Connor.

I didn’t want something happening to me, and he not know how I felt about him. My heart skipped a beat when he told me he loved me. I can’t wait to get home, and we both show each other for the next two days how much we love each other.

I clench my thighs together just from the thoughts that enter my mind. When I get into the bathroom/locker area, I see another piece of paper.

“What the fuck now,” I mutter as I open it up.


I throw the note inside my locker, not wanting to deal with thoughts of that bitch Carly. I refuse to allow thoughts of her or her words to bring me down from the happiness I feel right now.

“Hey, Sam, you getting ready to shower?”

“Yeah, Ty, why?”

“Food will be ready in fifteen.”

“Perfect, that’s all I need. Thanks, Ty.”

I grab my toiletries and towel, walk over to the shower and climb in. Luckily for me there is still hot water. I quickly wash up and get dressed.

Walking back into the common room, I see Connor fixing his plate. I wait for him to finish, but he passes me the plate, and tells me to sit down.

I turn to the table and see all the guys staring at us. I place my plate down, look at all of them, knowing Connor is at my back, and I say, “Yes, Connor and I are dating. Anyone have a problem with this?”

I hear Connor huff, “Did you really have to break it to them like that?”

“They already had an idea, they were just looking for confirmation, so I just gave it to them.”

“How do you know that they knew?”

“You can’t separate the two, and your emotions show. I was the wild card they weren’t sure about,” I say, shrugging my shoulders as I sit down.

Connor looks around at everyone, and they all nod, before looking at their plates and eating, while he glares at them.

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