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God, she loved this erotic brutality from him. He tightened his hold on her hair until pain and pleasure coalesced as one.

She gasped and then moaned.

“That’s it. Make noise, Claire. Let me know that this hurts, and that it fucking feels incredible.” He sounded strained, out of breath, as if his arousal was so far gone that he had trouble talking. “I know it hurts, but I know your cunt is all nice and juicy right now for me, isn’t it?”

She nodded, and a gush of wetness dripped from her pussy, slipping down her inner thigh and making her squirm.

“Now, suck my fucking cock, baby.” He pulled her head forward another inch until the slick tip of his cock brushed along her bottom lip, smearing his pre-cum along the swell.

Clare didn’t wait to take his dick into her mouth. She opened and sucked on his shaft like she was dying for his cum, like she was desperate for it, for him.

“That’s it, baby, take it all. Make it hit the back of your throat.” He tightened his hold on her hair so hard her eyes watered, but her pussy creamed more.

“Move your tongue around, lick the underside, and make me come, baby.”

As she obeyed him, the salty flavor of his semen covered her taste buds and slipped down her throat, making her hungry for him. Claire wanted to please Big, because pleasing him made her feel good.

His cum exploded on her tongue, covered the entire interior of her mouth, and she wanted more. She wanted so much more she felt delirious from it.

The need to have the tip of his cock hit the back of her throat, having her gag because he was just so big, consumed her. She wanted to swallow his cum, drink it until it slipped out of the corner of her mouth and dripped down her chin. God, she really was a slut for him, his pain slut, and she really had missed it.

Claire had her hands on his thighs still, steadying herself. Curling her nails into his firm, muscular flesh, she started pushing the denim down his legs, needing him bared like she was. But once the material was at his ankles, he gently but forcefully pushed her away. His dick popped out of her mouth with a resounding noise.

He kicked off his jeans, reached out, and grabbed her wrists, hauling her up to her feet.

She gasped out when he tightened his hand on her. The pain was immediate, intense, dominating, but the pleasure that followed had the masochistic part of her loving every minute of it.

“I want you, Claire. I want every fucking part of you,” he growled. He pulled her toward him so hard she slammed into his chest. “As much as I want you to suck my cock until I come, I need to feel that tight pussy of yours, baby.”

His coarse and hard language did something wicked to her. He moved her hands behind her back, keeping them held at the base of her spine as he kissed her, fucked her mouth with his lips and tongue.

The hand that didn’t hold her wrists behind her slipped between their bodies, stroking her belly before moving between her thighs.

“You taste so fucking sweet. So addictive. And your pussy…” He groaned and kissed her harder this time for a second before breaking away. “Your fucking pussy is so damn wet for me it’s soaking my hand.” Big stroked her clit back and forth, rubbed the bud until she whimpered from the pleasure.

He was merciless, demanding, and as he continued to kiss her, touch her, hold her in submission, she let him control her because it’s what she wanted. That’s what she craved.

“You’re a good little girl who is hungry for my cock in your pussy, aren’t you, baby?”

She nodded, not able to speak even though he gave her a reprieve from kissing her.

He started pressing his cock into her belly, dry humping her, spreading his slick pre-cum all over her skin.

She panted, breathing out hard, not able to catch her breath. But she wanted more. So much more.

“I’m going to have your body filled with my cum, have it spilling out of your pussy and drenching the sheets when I’m finished with you.” He was so hard and unrelenting as he pressed his hips into her body, making her want all that thickness pressed inside her, stretching her.

He started breathing heavier, moved his hand from between them, away from her clit, and smeared her pussy cream on her lips.

“Lick your lips. Taste yourself.”

She ran her tongue over her lips, tasting the musky but slightly sweet flavor of herself. Big grabbed her hair behind her head again and kissed her, licking her mouth, sucking off the rest of the cream she’d missed.

A deep groan left him. Keeping a firm hold on her hair and wrists, he shoved his tongue in and out of her mouth in time with thrusting his cock against her.

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