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He pulled back, stared into her face for a suspended moment, and then grinned sadistically. “I’m going to make your skin red with my belt, my hand, and my teeth. I’m going to leave bruises on your ass and thighs because I fucking love seeing them, too.” His voice was a rough growl. “Are you mine, Claire?”

She nodded, knowing her eyes were wide, her body on the verge of shaking from her arousal.

“Are you going to run from me? From this again?”

She thought about his words, knowing that when they were spoken, that was it. They’d be sealed. “Are you saying you want me more than this?”

He watched her with hooded eyes. “I want you as mine—as my woman, as the only pussy I fuck. I want you as my old lady, Claire.”

Her heart beat faster at that.

“You tell me you’re mine, but do you really want that? You know what it means to be my old lady. I won’t let you go again.” He started undressing, taking off his cut and his shirt, and once he stood in front of her totally naked, his big, hard tattooed body on display, the dominance she’d missed over the past two years erupted from him like a tidal wave.

He was a few steps back from her now. Watching. Waiting. “Touch your cunt. Rub it while I watch.” He grabbed the base of his shaft, stroking himself lazily while he waited for her to obey.

Claire had never disobeyed him when they’d been together in the past, not because she was weak but because she’d derived pleasure from obeying him, and because it had also given her an amount of control.

Placing her hand between her legs, she felt how slippery she was from her pussy cream. She started moving her fingers up and down her slit.

“Rub that little nub, Claire. Rub your clit. Move your fingers back and forth, sweet girl.” He continued to stroke himself. “And don’t stop until I say so.”

She panted and started rubbing herself harder, faster, making her clit feel like it tingled and throbbed.

Claire was so aroused, on the verge of coming as it was, that she wanted to have Big right here, right now. Fuck the foreplay. She removed her hands from her pussy, but he gave a hard growl of disapproval.

“Don’t stop touching yourself until I say so, baby. You know the rules.”

She squeezed her other hand into a fist beside her, placed her hand between her thighs again, and rubbed her clit fast and hard as she felt her climax start to rise.

He stopped stroking himself, grabbed his belt off the bed where he’d set it when she was sucking his cock, and her heart rate picked up at the sight of it. He moved closer to her, circled her body, and then she closed her eyes when she sensed him standing motionless behind her.

“You ready, baby?”

She had her eyes closed. Her hand was between her thighs when she nodded. Claire then felt the sting of the leather as it hit her flesh, moving across her ass with enough force that she teetered on her feet.

The immense and powerful pain gave way to something warm and pleasurable, something erotic and filled with ecstasy. He slapped the belt across the back of her thighs over and over again until she panted, rubbing her clit back and forth with more force.

“Don’t come. Not until I give you permission.”

He continued to slap her with the belt with enough power that she felt it down to her very bones. He was breathing heavily behind her, matching her own. Sweat lined her forehead, slid down the valley between her breasts, and she knew she wouldn’t be able to hold off from climaxing at this rate.

“Stop touching yourself, Claire. I know you’re on the verge of coming.”

She stopped, panting and saying a silent prayer because she was about to come. God, she wouldn’t survive tonight if he kept this up, but it was something she anticipated.


Big had missed this, had missed being with Claire, giving her the pain she needed to reach that pleasure. He didn’t want to think about that fucking prick she’d been with, even if it was for a short time. That asshole was as good as dead, and Big would make sure he was screaming in pain for hurting Claire.

His Claire.

Claire’s thighs had a gorgeous red tint to them, the lines on her flesh from his belt making his cock throb and his balls draw up tight. He moved back around her, not helping himself as he checked out every inch of her body.

He was now in front of her again, several feet back, the belt in his hand, the leather tight, hot from what he’d done and how he’d used it.

“Come here.”

He loved the way she did as he commanded without a second thought, without any question. She was perfect for him in every way, round and thick with cushion on her body that was able to handle the kind of loving he wanted to give her.

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