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She looked at Big through the reflection in the mirror, saw him watching her from the corner of the club, his focus trained right on her, and a beer bottle in his hand.

“You don’t want me to kill the fucker, I won’t, but only because you’re my sister and asked me not to. I love you and only want you happy. But make no mistake that I want that fucker’s head.” He was silent for a moment. “But I can’t stop Big.”

She looked at Mayhem again.

“You’re his old lady, and I ain’t stepping between that. He wants blood, and he deserves to get it. We deserve to get vengeance on your behalf.”

She shook her head, knowing she was going to have to convince Big not to kill Steven. She didn’t want that death on his soul, not because of her.

You came here and brought it on the club.

It was true, but that didn’t mean she wanted death hanging over everyone.


The party was still going full force, but Big was focused on Claire and only Claire. He stalked toward her after he finished off his shot, and when he grabbed her waist and pulled her back toward him, he loved the squeal of surprise that came from her.

Inhaling deeply, he took in the scent of her. Her scent made his dick hard in zero to sixty instantly.

Never had a woman made him feel so damn protective, so possessive and even obsessed with her. Before Claire, he had just been one of those typical man-whore assholes who cared only about getting his dick wet, nothing about what the females thought or what anyone said.

He supposed that was still the same and nothing had changed, but Claire made him feel different.

“Come to the back room with me, baby,” he said against her throat, ran his tongue along her slightly salty yet still sweet flesh and ground his dick into the small of her back.

“Why?” she asked in a teasing voice.

He nipped at her skin until he felt her shiver against him. “’Cause I want to taste you without all these fucking people around.”

“I thought you liked when people watched you being dirty?” She turned around in his arms, wrapped herself around him like she was some kind of pretzel, and pressed her belly purposefully against his cock.

“Come with me before I fucking come in my jeans right now.”

She grinned, and he bent down and nipped her bottom lip.

He led them toward the back hallway, away from the crowd, and slipped into one of the storage rooms. There were boxes pushed up against the wall, a few fold-up tables, and even a dusty bed.

He closed the door, and without waiting for her to start talking or maybe grab his dick like he wanted her to do, Big pushed her up against the door and took her mouth in a devouring kiss.

He sucked on her tongue, licked a path down her mouth, chin, along her neck, and continued his path until he was shoving her pants and panties down and staring at her lightly trimmed pussy.

He could see that she was aroused by the wet spot on her panties, smelled the musky goodness from her cream fill his nose, and a deep, guttural groan left him.

“You smell so damn good. My cock is liable to explode before I even taste you, baby.”

She moaned above him. “I have to talk to you,” she said on a half groan, half whisper. He ignored her and grabbed her leg, her jeans and panties making it so she couldn’t spread fully. Fuck that. Big ripped her pants away and tossed them aside. He grabbed her leg again, lifted it up and over his shoulder, and then took his hand and pulled her pussy lips apart.

“Big, seriously, we need to talk,” she said on another groan.

“Later, baby. Let me taste you first.” He turned her around, loved when her hands slapped on the wood from the action, and spread her ass. He took in the sight of her puckered asshole, of her pussy hole that slightly gaped for him, and trained his gaze on her clit. The little nub was hard as hell. He started licking her clit, dragging his tongue up and down her cunt and sucking all her cream away.

She kept trying to say something about talking, but he was too focused on eating her out. Big sucked on her clit hard. He pulled away and thrust a finger into her pussy, fucking her with the digit. He loved how she ground herself on him, thrust her hips up and down trying to get off.

She climaxed right then, a fast orgasm that turned him on like mad. He kept her ass spread with one hand and latched his mouth on her anus, sucking at the tight hole, licking it, and plunging his tongue in and out of it.

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