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“Big,” she said his name softly, but then her voice caught and she moaned.

He rimmed her ass, felt his cock grow impossibly, painfully hard, and knew he’d need to be in her pussy soon or he’d come in his jeans.

When her climax ended, he stood, about to pull his cock out, but she turned and placed her hands on his, stopping him.

“Big, wait,” Claire said, panting from her post-orgasmic pleasure.

“Baby, this can wait. Maybe until after I’ve filled you with cum?” He grinned.

She moaned softly but shook her head. “If I don’t talk about this now, I’ll get too wrapped up in what happens, and this is really important.”

He knitted his brows and took a step back. “Okay, but you’ve kind of got me worried now.”

She shook her head again. “Don’t be worried. I just—” She looked at the ground and then bent and grabbed her pants and panties. She put them on, and when she was straightened and looked at him again, she breathed out. “I know you and Mayhem are going after Steven.”

He grunted and nodded once. Reaching into his cut he grabbed a joint and his lighter. This was clearly a heavy discussion. After lighting the end and taking a hit, he exhaled and waited for her to continue.

“Listen, as much as I hate Steven, think his balls need to be cut off and put in a jar on the mantel, killing him isn’t the best way to end this.”

He inhaled and exhaled once more before speaking. “Who said anything about killing him?” The look she gave him told him she knew those words were bullshit.

“I know you and my brother, and blood is what you want.”

“He doesn’t deserve to be alive, not after what he did to you and probably other women.”

She didn’t speak right away, just stared down at her feet for several seconds. “I wanted him dead after I left and came here. But the more I thought about it, the more I know having his death hanging over us wouldn’t help us move forward.” She lifted her head. Strands of black hair fell over her forehead, and his fingers itched to push them away. “You want to move forward with me, right?”

He took another hit off of the joint, thinking about her question even though he already knew the answer. Taking a step closer to her, he held the joint in one hand and smoothed the fingers of his other hand over her cheek. He blew out the smoke, making a hazy cloud around them. “You know I want that, baby. Ever since I realized we’ve wasted too much time, that’s all I’ve wanted with you.”

She smiled and cupped his hand that held her cheek.

“I want to make sure you’re safe, Claire. I want to make sure that any threat is handled and won’t come back.”

They looked at each other in the eyes, neither speaking right away.

“I know, and I love you even more for that, but I don’t want you killing him. I’ve already spoken to Mayhem, and he’s agreed.”

Big stepped back again, finished off his joint, and put the burnt-out end in the ashtray on the table by the door. “You knew coming here all fucked up like that, telling us what happened, would mean the club would have to retaliate.”

She nodded. “Yeah, and I wanted Steven’s blood for it. But as the days passed, I realized him dying won’t solve anything. The situation still would have happened. I’d rather him live in fear for the rest of his life than have you guys killing him and making his worthless existence end.”

Putting the fear of the club in that piece of shit had its appeal. “Making promises isn’t something I do, baby.” Big was being truthful. He’d never lie to Claire, never lie to his club or who he cared about, but she had to know that even if he said he’d spare that asshole’s life, when it came down to it, his aggression and determination to make things right on that end would take priority.

“I know, Big, but I’m just asking that you really consider letting him live.”

“I’ll consider it, but I make no promises, Claire. You know that.”

She nodded.

He moved closer to her again, moved his hand behind her neck, cupping her nape, and kissed her forehead. “Now, let’s not think about that bastard. Right now, I need my dick in that sweet pussy of yours.” And when she melted into him, he knew this conversation was over.

Good, because he wanted his woman only thinking about the good shit, and he was about to be real good to her.


They’d arrived in the city where Claire had been living for the last two years, parked their Harleys across the street from Steven’s place, and just sat there staring at the two-story house.

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