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It was a decent place, one that let Big know this fucker was clearly doing well enough. The red sports car in the driveway was itching to get keyed, but Big didn’t do that petty bullshit anymore.

He might have been a hellion when he was a kid, reckless and destructive, and would have had no issues fucking up a prick’s car, but right now, the only thing he’d fuck up was Steven.

Through the open window, Big could see the asshole moving around. And then a woman appeared. Steven grabbed her around the waist and pulled her head back with a hand in her hair. Big saw a flash of pain wash across her face.

That pissed Big off.

He might not know the woman, not care what the fuck she did in her life, but no way in hell did a man put his hands on a female and hurt her, not unless she wanted it. And it was clear by the woman’s expression she wasn’t all about having that kind of pain.

“I’m going to make him suffer, that motherfucking prick asshole.” Big got off his bike, sensing Mayhem walking closely behind.

“You leave a piece of him for me.”

Big grunted in response to Mayhem’s statement. They walked up the front steps, and, without knocking, opened the door. Big would have kicked the damn thing down, but he didn’t need a disturbance being called into the local police department. This little visit was only for them.

The woman and Steven were still standing in the living room, but Steven now had his hand on her chin. Her eyes were wide, her mouth slightly open, and the discomfort on her face was clearly evident.

“Hey, what the fuck—” Steven’s words were cut off when he stared at Big and Mayhem.

Mayhem hadn’t shut the front door yet, and when Steven saw them standing there, he let go of the woman. Big could see a white bandage on his temple and a bruise creeping out from under it and moving along his forehead. Good, his woman got the fucker good.

“Sweetheart, go home,” Big said and stepped aside. She grabbed her purse off the couch and left out the front door quickly. At least she was smart enough not to question anything.

Mayhem shut the door, and the silence grew among the three of them. The tension was thick, the anger coming from Big and Mayhem filling this asshole’s place.

“You know who we are and why we’re here?” Big asked, not caring about the answer either way, because the end result would still be the same.

Steven looked at them, stared at their cuts, and the realization of who they were, and the reason they were there was clear on his face.

There was also recognition on Steven’s face when he looked at Big, and he knew from Mayhem that this little prick had seen pictures of Big and Claire from back in the day.

“Yeah, this fucker knows who we are,” Big said and smirked. Mayhem was deathly silent behind Big, but he felt the man’s anger like his own. They moved closer, Mayhem’s footsteps on the carpet seeming just as loud as the blood rushing through Big’s veins.

“Get the hell out of my house,” Steven said, but his voice shook, his body seemed to curl in on itself slightly, and Big could see that he was about to shit his pants.


Big stepped closer. “You think it’s cool to hit a woman?”

“That situation doesn’t concern you—or him,” Steven said and gestured toward Mayhem.

Big looked back at his VP, and both of them made this low, deadly sound. Big looked at the asshole again. “Doesn’t concern us?” Big moved closer, cracked his knuckles, and rolled his head around his neck. “You know that scary bastard back there likes to kill men with his bare hands and also happens to be her brother.”

Steven moved backward again, but the wall stopped him from escaping any further.

“And this motherfucker happens to be my sister’s old man and is also one violent beast who has more blood staining his soul than a demon,” Mayhem said, now standing right beside Big.

“Get out,” Steven said again and went for his phone that was in his jeans pocket.

Big was on him in the next second, tearing the phone from his hand, and throwing it into the wall.

The metal crashed against the plaster, shattering to pieces and falling to the floor.

Steven’s eyes were wide, and Big could actually smell his fear, see it on his face, and taste it in the air. He felt primal right now, animalistic, and ready to tear this asshole apart.

“I’ll call backup.”

That had Big laughing.

“You and your little asshole friend with your pathetic boys’ club can go back to that bitch Claire—”

Big sobered instantly, grabbed on to Steven’s neck, and tightened his hold. He held onto the little asshole’s throat, squeezed his fingers around his neck even more, and lifted him off the ground another inch.

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