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Claire was still frozen, and when she watched Big stand to his impressive six foot five height and turn and face her, she swore the world tilted.

He was still so damn handsome, but not in a classic sense, in the “bad boy, he’ll beat a motherfucker up” way.

And Big had no problem laying people out, had no problem cutting throats and breaking bones to make his point and to protect the ones he called family.

He hadn’t seen her yet, so she watched him unnoticed. He ran his hand under his nose, wiping away any coke residue, and then ran another finger over the mirror before rubbing the coke-coated digit over his gums.

He then scanned the club. Stone was saying something to him, and Big smirked but otherwise kept looking around the club.

He still sported the messed-up, short hair, the color as dark as his soul was at times. And when his gaze landed on her, his stare penetrating, as if he were touching her right now, moving his hand all over her body, she couldn’t help but fall back into the past of that black, inky darkness.

“Looks like Big has his eye on you already, girl,” Dirty said and clapped her lightly on the shoulder. “You want a drink?”

She shook her head, although a good, strong shot might do her some good. There were no secrets in the club, and everyone knew she’d been fucking around with Big back in the day.

And when she was with Big, she had been with him and only him. No one else had come around, not those fucking twats who hung around the club and spread their legs because they thought that would get them the coveted old lady title.

She hadn’t wanted anyone else, and no other guy had the balls large enough to come after her because she’d been exclusive with Big.

“On second thought, I think now is probably a good time to have a drink.”

Dirty grunted and nodded, and she saw him out of the corner of her eye go to the bar. But Claire was focused on Big, at the fact he still hadn’t moved from his spot in the corner of the club, and how he kept watching her, like some kind of lion waiting to devour her.

Yeah, he clearly still had an effect on her, but she reminded herself she wasn’t here to rehash or revisit the past. She was here because she was in deep shit.


She was here. Claire was fucking here, looking at him like she had all those damn years ago, making him want to just say screw the past, fuck the fact she left and just take her in his arms and claim her.

Big didn’t lie about the fact he thought about her, jerked off to the remembrance of her tight pussy, of the fact her sweet, pink cunt would get so damn wet for him.

Shit, she used to get so sloppy for him, so soaked that he’d lap up her pussy cream like it was the sweetest thing he’d ever had.

It was the sweetest thing you’ve ever tasted. She was the best fucking lay you’ve ever had, and you know why.

Yeah, he knew why, and it was because she was his girl, the only one he’d wanted.

Even thinking about her, about her tight, hot pussy, got his cock hard, had his balls drawing up tight, and had him wanting to just walk up to her and throw her over his shoulder before carrying her off to his room.

Man, he’d fuck her so good and hard she wouldn’t be able to sit comfortably the next day. He'd make her pussy sore, but it would be the good kind of sore, the kind that had her remembering he had his big cock in her tight, little pussy the night before, pounding it in and out of her until she creamed all over him.

Hell, he’d fill her up with so much cum it would be slipping out of her and making her panties soaked all over again. She’d know who she belonged to, that was for damn sure.

But despite wanting to say fuck everything that had happened and the fact he’d tried to move on and forget about “the one who got away”, he wasn’t about to do shit with her because she’d moved on, and so had he.

You lying motherfucker.

Whatever she was here for didn’t have anything to do with him. She was probably in trouble, and that had everything in him tightening and coming alive and alert. When Dirty came back with a shot for her and she tossed it back like she knew how to fucking party, he knew she was here because something had gone down.

She might not be his anymore, but that didn’t mean Big stopped caring for her.

That knowledge, that fact he could read her as well as any of the other patches in this place, had him standing up straighter, and his focus trained solely on her.

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