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She handed the now empty shot glass to Dirty, and he watched as they headed toward the back of the club, where the meeting room was, and where he knew Mayhem, the club’s VP, was currently getting it on with one of the sweet-butts.

If Dirty was stupid enough to drag Claire back there, most likely to walk in on her twin getting down and dirty, then that was on his ass.

“Man, some shit’s going down with Claire,” Woods said and took a hit off of a joint that was handed to him by Stone.

Big looked over at him. “Why do you say that?” Although Big knew shit was going down with Claire, otherwise she wouldn’t be here, he wanted to know what Woods thought. When the patched member didn’t say anything, Big looked at him.

Huge in size and cruel in personality and action when it came to people fucking with him or the club, Woods was a mean motherfucker who didn’t take shit from anyone.

He said what was on his mind, reacted first, and hardly ever thought about the repercussions, if any, because of what he did.

Woods was now busy staring at a club girl’s chest, and it was clear the fucker had since moved on to a different subject, tits and ass.

“Hey,” Big said and smacked the guy in the arm. Woods glowered at Big, brought the joint to his mouth, and took a big hit off of it before exhaling the smoke.

“What the fuck? You see I’m trying to get my dick wet here?”

“Why the hell you think Claire’s here?”

Woods shrugged. “Probably something going down with that asshole she was dating. Or maybe she needs money, although, I doubt she’d come here with a suitcase in hand if she needed green.” Woods took another hit. “I’d say she’s here because of that prick she’s been seeing,” Woods said with a lungful of smoke, his voice deep and tight.

Big felt his annoyance rise. He hadn’t known she’d been seeing a motherfucker. When she left the club … and him, she’d been single, her pussy still sore from him owning the hell out of it.

“I hadn’t heard she’d been laying with another guy.” Big tried to sound like he didn’t give a shit, but of course, he did. He clenched his jaw, snagged the joint from Woods, and took a big hit off of it, needing to calm down after hearing that news.

And the bruise she sported… He shook his head and clenched his hands into fists, his anger rising at the fact she wore that black and blue color on her face like it was a fashion statement.

Big took a step toward the hallway she’d gone down, his instincts taking over, but Woods grabbed his arm, stopping him.

“Whatcha doing, Big?”

Big glared at Woods. “Get your fuckin’ hands off me, man.”

Woods did and raised them in surrender, the joint balanced between his lips. “She ain’t yours, Big. You going over to her acting like that is just going to push her away. I think she’s been through some deep shit and going caveman on her will seriously fuck things up.”

Big was fuming inside.

“Give her a minute to talk to Mayhem. He’ll tell us what’s going on if she doesn’t,” Woods said and took a hit off the joint.

He was right, but that didn’t mean Big liked the fact or wanted to stand back and wait. He’d give her the time she needed to talk to Mayhem, because once the VP knew what was going on, he’d let everyone in on it if it meant the club needed to act.

As it was, she was clearly here for club protection, and as much as he tried to stay away from her or say he’d stay away from her, it was damn hard.


Claire pushed the door open in the back room and stared at Mayhem. There was a woman on his lap bouncing on him like she was jumping on a trampoline.

Well, tramp was a good word to describe her, because Claire remembered this particular sweet-butt. She was one who had been after Big when Claire had been with him.

She should have turned around, and even though she couldn’t see anything because the club bitch had her skirt still on and the material covered up…that, seeing her brother in this position was nasty.

Although she’d caught Mayhem and just about all the club members in compromising positions over the years, she would never get used to this, never find this less than nauseating.

“Mayhem, I need to talk with you,” she said without letting it be known she found this sight repulsive. Claire waited until Mayhem looked over the sweet-butt’s shoulder and at her.

“Claire?” he said in a breathless, confused voice, his brows knitted.

She closed the door, giving him privacy to get cleaned up, because she knew now that he saw she was here, he wouldn’t make her wait to speak with him.

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