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“I knew you were smart.”

He erases the distance between us in two long strides. Instead of pulling me in for a lip-lock, he does the opposite. He gingerly grips my shoulders and leans back. The expression on his face tells me he’s drinking in the sight of me—and he likes what he sees.

I take his inventory, too. In the span of a few short weeks, I’ve changed from warily noticing all of his differences to paying attention to the most appealing things about them. And wouldn’t you know, the things I find the most attractive are the things I lack: his mobile triangular ears, those gorgeous black and white markings on his orange fur, and the whiskers that tickle, until they give me goosebumps of an entirely different nature.

All the stress and worry of the last few days melt away, allowing me to tune in to the pure bliss of being so close to Ty.

We’re motionless, stuck in time, until we step toward each other and kiss.

Chapter Thirty-One


Ty’s warm breath passes over my face, sending a shiver of anticipation down my spine. I close my eyes as his lips press against mine. He kisses me softly at first, then with more intensity as his tongue slides along the seam of my lips and invites me to open for him. I do, allowing our tongues to twine together in a passionate dance, tasting his spicy, masculine flavor.

His strong arms wrap around me, pulling me closer. With each stroke of his tongue, sparks fly through my veins until I'm burning with desire for him. Our bodies melt into one another and all sense of time fades away until there is nothing but us—lost in this moment together.

His soft lips move over mine, exploring and tasting me. Long canines brush against my mouth with each stroke and send shivers down my spine. Soft whiskers tickle my cheek and neck while we kiss. His scent, which is a tantalizing mix of human and tiger, fills up my senses and makes me lightheaded with excitement.

His tail wraps securely around my waist, pressing us even closer together until it feels like our souls are merging. The warmth emanating from our embrace spreads over every inch of me. The air between us hums with energy. I can almost sense the beating of Ty's heart as if it were my own.

His hands slide around me, exploring my curves as each stroke sends sparks through me. He clasps his fingers together against my lower back and I press even closer to him, melting into his embrace. His lips move over mine more urgently. We’re in perfect harmony as one entity, our kiss consuming us completely in its passion. Our tongues softly twirl together like two delicate dancers.

The feel of his hands ghosting along my curves sends waves of pleasure through me. It’s as if he’s claiming me with every gentle touch.

My skin tingles as sparks ignite with every slide of fur upon skin. Finally, we break apart, both breathing heavily, ready for what comes next.

Our eyes meet, the moment heavy with the implications of all the possibilities. Leave it to Ty to make this fun. He tosses me the perfect smile, somehow managing to make the mood both light and sexy at the same time.

Taking my hands in his, Ty dances with me. Though we’ve done little more than dance for the last few days, this is nothing like what we’ve done before. For the first time, we allow ourselves permission to do what I imagine we’ve both been dying to do—we pour all of our sensuality and desire into every step.

Our gazes lock as he pulls me into a dancer’s embrace. Though his palms touch my back, the rest of our bodies still inches apart, I can feel the vibration of his purr rumble into me.

How a male with clawed toes manages to be so graceful, so light on his feet, is beyond me. He waltzes me around the almost-empty room as he hums a tune nothing like the happy Bollywood music we’ve listened to for days.

This is low, sensuous, intimate, as he leads with his hips. His lids dip low enough to tell me he’s imagining other things he wants to do with those hips.

Although a few minutes ago I wasn’t sure where tonight would lead, there’s something about the stark desire on his face that beckons an answering response deep within me. I want him. Fast or slow or somewhere in between. I have no worries about whether we’ll reach the finish line together tonight.

“I want to learn your body,” he rumbles into my ear. “You’ll teach me how to give you pleasure?”

“All you’ll need to do is notice the writhing of my hips and the sound of my moans, Ty. Just do more of what I like and we’ll get there.”

I unbutton his silky shirt enough that I can slide my palms along his furred chest and over his shoulders.

“Your fur feels amazing under my fingertips.”

His response is to place a palm on my ass and tuck me closer. He’s so tall, his steel-hard cock pulses with desire as it nudges my belly.

“I can’t wait another minute to get you naked.” He lifts me in his arms, but after two strides toward the closed door that must lead to the bathroom, he stops to look at me, one eyebrow rising to ask an unspoken question.

“Perfect timing. I’m so ready,” I say with a laugh.

In two more strides, we’re in the bathroom, where he turns on the shower and undresses me with slow, deft movements. His touch is gentle yet firm as he caresses every inch of my body with reverence, then removes the top and then the bottom of my red weddinglehenga.

He steps back until he almost touches the shower door, shaking his head as he looks at me.

“I’ve thought you were beautiful since the moment I first saw you, Olivia. I never dreamed you’d be this gorgeous when I unwrapped you.”

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