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Heat rushes through me. For the briefest second, I think it’s terror, but then I realize I’m wrong. I’m not afraid. I’m hornier than I’ve ever been in my life.

I’m in this small enclosure with atiger-man. He has animal DNA. A lot of it. His cock is hard as steel, pulsing and pointing straight at me. And I want him. I want him more than I’ve wanted anything in my life.

“We should stop,” he says as he opens the shower door and reaches to turn off the water.

“Wait a freaking minute, Ty.” I didn’t just say that. It was an order. I cross the distance between us and spin him in a half circle, then push him against the blue-tiled wall, his back toward me.

“Close the fucking door.”

It’s closed before I’m done voicing my command.

With just the slightest effort, my five-foot-four-self pushes him down so his knees are bent and his head is even with mine. I muscle myself even closer andbitehis ear. PerhapsI’mthe one with animal DNA. It scares me that being so alpha, so commanding, comes so easily to me.

Through a mouthful of fur, I rasp, “I’m not going to break, Ty. How about this? How about we come up with a safe word? If I say it, you stop. If I don’t say anything, why don’t you… follow your instincts.”

He hasn’t moved a muscle since he let me turn him to the wall and smash one side of his face against the wet tile.

“How about stop? If I say the word stop, you stop. If not,” I shrug, my mouth still full of his furry ear, “you do you.”

He chuffs, then growls long and low. If I didn’t know better, it would be menacing, but I’m pretty sure what he’s threatening me with is a night full of pleasure.

Something snaps inside him. He flips around, easily forcing me to break my grip. I’m not surprised to note he could have overpowered my little up-against-the-wall maneuver at any time.

He spears me with a predatory look, rises to his full height, and stalks forward. With each of his small steps toward me, he forces me back until I slam against the shower wall.

Dipping his head to my ear, he gets a grip on it, though he’s much gentler than I was, covering his teeth with his lips as he does so. He whispers in my ear and growls four little words that I think will change my life, “You asked for it.”

Chapter Thirty-Four


Water is pouring down on us. Instead of drowning her scent, it accentuates it. I smell no fear from her, just want, need, lust.

When I took liberties over the last month and imagined we got this far, I always took it slow, respectfully learning her body, asking at each step of the way if it was okay to proceed, just as we were taught in our assimilation classes.

Olivia doesn’t want that. She said, “You do you.”

“I’m going to fuck you, Olivia.” I grit out. Pressing closer, I make sure to rub my hardened cock against her belly. “I’m going to get you wet and make you want me, and then I’m going to give you what you want. You hear me?”

I pause, waiting for her response. She nods.

Gripping her nipples between the thumb and forefinger of each hand, I tug on them, then flick, then tug until she whimpers. There’s something about that noise that calls to the predator inside me. I want more of it.

I dip my head so I can use my mouth to play with one nipple while I torture the other with the moves that make her moan and writhe. She was right. It’s easy to figure out what she likes. Her body’s not shy about letting me know.

I nip the tip of her dusky little bud with my flat front teeth. She likes this best because her fingers curl around my shoulders, then tighten as if her puny strength could keep me from moving away if I wanted to.

“I need you, Ty.”

“Not badly enough.” I didn’t know I had a mean streak, but something deep inside me wants her to beg for more.

After flipping her around, I press her cheek against the wall, just as she did to me. I move her body as if I own it, placing her arms above her head, palms to the tile. Then I slide my foot from side to side between her feet, opening her stance. It’s all I can do not to drop to my knees, clutch her hips, and pull her ass toward me so I can lick her from behind.

Instead, I soap my hands and slide them over her. In swift, sure movements, I clean her, touching every inch of her.

“Everything I touch is mine.” There is no hint of question in my voice. It’s an edict. “You hear me?”

She nods, her cheek squeaking as it slides against the wet wall.

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