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When my fingers glide up the inside of her thighs and pause before exploring her folds, she whimpers as she arches her back. It both exposes her pink flesh and is an offering to me.

This time, I don’t contain my impulse to taste her. I drop to my knees, grip her hips, pull her ass toward me, and slide my tongue through her slick folds until I find the fountain where her sweet liquid flows.

I don’t even feel my orgasm sneak up on me. It barrels at me, and I come with thick ropey jets of cum squirting between her legs. Even through my own release, I don’t stop licking her. When the tip of my tongue finds the little pearl at the top of her slit, she comes, shivering and moaning as my final surges splatter onto the wall.

Chapter Thirty-Five


Frankenstein. He was the scientist who created a monster. So did I. I told Ty “you do you,” and this orange-furred sex god emerged.

It’s a good thing I’m leaning against the wall, otherwise, I would be in a puddle on the wet floor.

The hot water heater has finally emptied, so I’m lifted by strong arms and swept under the spray until any suds or remnants of cum are washed away.

He kisses me and croons sweet wordless noises as he wipes me with a fluffy, white towel. Before I recover from that amazing orgasm, we’re lying in bed together.

Now that I’m capable of cogent thought, I ask, “Did you roar?”

He takes a moment to consider, as though he doesn’t recall doing it. He must remember, because he finally nods. “Yes.”

“I thought only lions roared.”

“Google it.”

We just shared an amazing, intimate moment in the shower, but for some reason, the know-it-all look he flashes me makes me giggle.

“Only we roar louder than lions.”


“I never did that before, but I’ve looked it up.” He shrugs. “Seems like I only do it when I come. With you.”

Oh, my. Smug never looked so erotic on anyone else in the world. It’s sexy and adorable at the same time.

He pulls me to him and tucks a lock of my hair behind my ear. All the smugness has vanished, and he has the sweetest look in his eyes.

“That was okay? Me being me?”

“More than okay.” I consider my next sentence for a moment, but finally divulge, “The best I’ve ever had.” He rewards me with such a wide smile I add, “Bar none.”

“Good. Now I want to explore a different side of Ty.”

With that, his expression changes. Gone is the alpha male I met in the shower. This is Ty 2.0, and if the sweet desire on his face is any indication, I’m going to like him. A lot.

He uses one finger to push me from my side onto my back. He spreads my legs, moves between them, then uses the flat of his raspy tongue to slide from my instep to the seam of my thigh. All the humor of a moment ago seeps out of me, leaving arousal in its place.

Gently using two clawed fingers, he holds my lips open, taking a good look at what his tongue explored in the shower.

“You’re pretty down here. I want to lick you again, but you need to tell me if it’s too much. My tongue is rough.”

He slides his tongue inside me, causing my lids to slam shut and my fingers to grip the sheets.

When the tip of his tongue flicks my clit, I moan with pleasure. When he purrs and adds vibration to the mix, I practically levitate off the bed. It doesn’t take more than a minute before I’m spasming helplessly for long moments. My pleasure sparks like a flash fire, lighting me up in ecstasy.***

My orgasm rolls through me, hitting peaks and valleys, until the delicious contractions slow, then stop.

Finally, I have to nudge his head to the side, or he’d push me into another orgasm.

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