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Monday was busy for Nate and Shelby, but it was a good busy. Their neighbor, Tricia, was outside watering her lawn when they walked outside to go to her office. Instead, they walked over and talked to her briefly, explaining what they needed.

Tricia’s face lit up at the offer. “I love that idea. I work two days a week for the cleaning service just for extra money. You’re offering me more than they pay me, but you’re also paying less than you would through them. I think it’s a great idea.”

“Do you cook?” Shelby asked. “We’d love it if you’d cook and leave it in the oven on the days you’re there. We’ll even set recipes out until you get used to the type of things we enjoy.”

“I love to cook!”

“Yay! I’d rather cut my own nose off than even think about cooking.”

Tricia laughed. “What do you do?”

“I’m a doctor. Just finished my fellowships, and I opened a practice here.”

“And you two just got married?” Tricia asked.

Nate nodded. “Childhood sweethearts. We were supposed to go to college together but my dad was sick, so I stayed here instead.”

“And now you’re back together. The romance lover inside me is cheering for you both. That’s wonderful!”

“I never dreamed it would take us so long to be together again, but I always hoped it would happen,” Shelby said, looking at Nate.

“How long have you two been married?” Tricia asked.

“Two days,” Nate said, grinning at her reaction. “I’m too busy at this time of year to take a honeymoon, but I’m hoping we can take one in a few months.”

“And I’m too busy getting my practice off the ground,” Shelby said. “There’ll be lots of time for vacations in the next sixty years.”

Nate glanced at her. “Is that how long we’ll be married?” he asked.

“That all depends on your cholesterol, doesn’t it?”

He groaned, looking at Tricia. “She’s going to steal my blood in a few minutes, and she needs to remind me to torment me. Let us know when you can start.”

“I work Wednesday and Friday this week. I could do Tuesday and Thursday and give notice.”

“Perfect! Or you can keep working for them, if you want to get further ahead financially,” Nate said.

“Sounds like you’re a saver.”

“I am. My house is just a flip for me. It’s ready to sell now. All the money I make goes into the next bigger house, and then I do that one.”

“Oh, that’s wonderful. My husband has always wanted to do that.”

“You should have him talk to me.” He raised his hand in a wave. “But for now, Shelby’s going to play vampire.”

Tricia laughed. “I hope she’s good!”

“She’s wonderful,” Nate said, knowing his Shelby would never hurt him.

Chapter Five

At Shelby’s office, Nate sat with Rachel behind the counter, and showed her the best program for payroll and how he thought she should do it. He also showed her the best program for keeping books, and explained step-by-step what he felt she should do to keep on top of the finances.

While he was doing that, Shelby spent a few minutes in her office looking at test results. She found Aunt Lydia’s and nodded, seeing they were exactly what she’d expected. She’d put Aunt Lydia on a diet that would help her control her diabetes, and she felt like the older woman would feel a ton better. Maybe she could even get off her insulin shots.

After a few minutes of looking at all the results, she went into the reception area to get Nate’s blood.

She rolled up his sleeve and took the blood while he kept explaining about the program he’d had Rachel purchase, showing her how to put that purchase into the program.