Searching in Scranton

Author: Kirsten Osbourne
Category: Romance
Total pages: 34

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Searching in Scranton

Two hearts, once entwined, then separated by miles and years, stand on the precipice of a new beginning. This is where we meet Shelby and Nate.

Shelby, with her stethoscope and doctor's coat, has always been a healer. She's strong, compassionate, and dedicated. Her life is a testament to her commitment and love for others. Yet, beneath her confident exterior lies a yearning for something, or someone, she thought was lost forever.

Nate - a man whose hands have built homes and dreams, a construction worker who breathes new life into old houses. His rough exterior belies a gentle heart, one that never quite let go of a certain high school sweetheart. He’s about to marry a stranger, or so he thinks, his heart unknowingly aching for a love he believes has slipped through his fingers.
Now, they find themselves at the altar, each assuming they are marrying a stranger. As they lift their veils of assumption, they find not a stranger, but a familiar face, a cherished love. They find each other.

Searching in Scranton is a tale of love lost and found, of journeys taken and destinations reached. It's about two people who, despite the distance and time apart, never stopped searching - for love, connection, and each other.

Join Shelby and Nate as they rediscover their love in the heart of Scranton. Their story is a testament to the enduring power of love, the strength of the human spirit, and the serendipity of life. It reminds us that sometimes, what we've been searching for has been right before us all along.

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