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Sky huffed a weary laugh. “So you turned him into a pig because even if Jasper was able to figure out what you did, a pig would be a hell of a lot harder to track. Oh, my fucking God. This would be brilliant if I wasn’t now stuck in the middle of it.”

Nolan turned as far as he could in his seat to look at Red. “What I don’t understand is how did you get over to where Damon was being held? Why didn’t you leave that way?”

Red’s entire face scrunched up and his bottom lip jutted out. “I drove over, but when we left, the battery died after a few miles.” He opened his scrunched eyes and whined a little. “I think it’s the alternator gone bad. I tried calling Mad to come get us, but the fucker wasn’t answering his phone. He would have bitched and moaned about it the entire time, but he would have picked me up.”

“Oh, trust me, Mad is already having a shit night. He has no room in his schedule for your shenanigans.” At Sky’s slightly evil chuckle, Red perked up and straightened in his seat.

“Really? What happened?”

Sky pressed his lips together.

“Sky has been sworn to secrecy.” Nolan rubbed his chin and smirked. “But he now has photographic evidence on both you and Maddox. I wonder how long that promise will last.”

Tilting his head toward Nolan, Sky smiled. “My date is so smart.”

Nolan nodded. “I think I’m catching on to all this insanity.”

Red groaned and slumped. “Ugh. Early relationships are the worst. So sickeningly sweet.”

“Whatever. Back to the first problem: where are we going?” Sky demanded. “You’re right. If you used magic at Jasper’s, there’s a good chance he can track it to you. And we can’t do my place because I don’t want that pig smell there. Every time I summon a minion for an errand, they’re going to be salivating for a fresh piggy to munch on.”

Apparently, Damon wasn’t all pig and had been somewhat awake, listening to the conversation, because he chose that moment to freak the fuck out. The pig jumped up and squealed so loudly Nolan had to cover both of his ears with his hands. Sky jerked in surprise and swerved the car wildly on the empty road. Damon leaped down to the floor and tried to run, but there was nowhere to go, so he scrambled onto the seat to hit the window with his little hooves.

Red lunged to grab him, all while trying to soothe him, but the pig was wily and refused to be caught. Nolan twisted in his seat, trying to reach to the back and help Red get his arms wrapped around the squirming pig all while everyone was shouting that no one was going to eat Damon.

It was three minutes of pure heart-pounding chaos that left Nolan sweaty and holding his chest. New lesson of the night: don’t put a pig in the car.

Sky was still cursing Red and Damon when blue lights flashed from behind the car and there was a quick “whoo” of a police siren.


“I swear to God, I’m going to strangle you and your pig,” Sky grumbled through clenched teeth as he pulled the car over to the side of the road.

Despite that threat, Damon was now completely still and silent in Red’s arms. Nolan’s heart didn’t have the chance to slow as the cop car stopped behind them and a tall, Black man in a dark uniform climbed out of the vehicle, his hand resting near his gun while he held his flashlight in the other.

“No magic. Not a single drop,” Sky whispered at his approach while lowering his window.

As he came up to the driver’s side window, he panned the high beam over Sky’s face, then Nolan’s. He shifted to reach Red and the pig. The pause stretched on and on before he finally lowered the flashlight.

“Driver’s license,” the officer demanded in a flat, authoritative voice.

Sky snagged his wallet from the center console and quickly handed over his license.

“Do you know why I pulled you over?”

“No, sir. I didn’t think I was speeding,” Sky calmly answered, as he rested both hands on the steering wheel.

The cop never lifted his eyes from Sky’s license. “You swerved pretty dramatically over the center line back there. You been drinking tonight?”

Sky let out a long, half-sobbing “Noooooo.” That got the cop to look up at him, his dark eyes widening, while Sky lifted tear-soaked eyes to the officer. “I’m supposed to be on a very special first date tonight, but my best friends keep calling me with one catastrophe after another. How am I supposed to prove to this super-hot guy”—Sky paused and waved one hand at Nolan—“that I have this normal life and that I’m completely safe to date, if my friends are proving to be the exact opposite? And I’m sorry I swerved earlier. I haven’t been drinking. The pig freaked out and startled me. I promise that I’ll be very careful from now on. We don’t have much farther to go.”

Nolan held his breath, his heart freezing for a beat. The cop chuckled as he handed the license over to Sky. “I swear, this isn’t even my weirdest call of the night. How much farther you got to go with the boy and his pig?”

“Just a few miles. Not far. And I won’t be on the highway, I promise. Slow driving,” Sky stated with a new eagerness.

“All right. I’ll let you off with a warning. Keep your eyes on the road, and let your friend worry about the pig.” The officer leaned down to stare at Nolan and point at him. “And you need to give this nice man another chance. Everyone has an off night every once in a while.”

Nolan sharply nodded. “Yes, Officer. I will. Thank you.”

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