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The cop continued to laugh to himself all the way to his car while they remained frozen. Nolan inwardly laughed with the policeman. Not only had Sky gotten off with a small warning, but he’d managed to get Nolan ordered to give him a second date.

Of course, Nolan didn’t need a cop to tell him to snag this amazing man while he could.

“Wow!” Red exclaimed first, letting out a jagged sigh of relief. “That was close.”

“Too close,” Sky agreed. “I’m not moving this car another inch until I know exactly where we’re going. My place, your place, and Maddox’s is out.”

“Then it’s my place,” Nolan offered.

Sky frowned, his eyes softening as they met Nolan’s. “I’d rather not. You’ve already had vampires troubling you. I don’t want you to worry about unknown witches showing up on your doorstep.”

“Duh! Moon’s place!” Red interrupted. “He’s even out of town. In Boston for that concert with friends. It’s perfect. Damon and I will be in and out before Moon even gets home.”

Nolan shifted his gaze to Sky to see him nod. “You’re right. That would probably be best. No one would think to look there for him, and it would give you a little time to figure some shit out.” Sky placed his right hand on Nolan’s seat and twisted to glare directly at Red and Damon. “But you need to back off and let Damon handle this. It will only get worse with another witch sticking his nose into it. If Damon is scared of Jasper, he needs to go to the police and file a restraining order.”

Sky faced forward again and started the engine. Nolan glanced at their companions to see the pig was now snuggling his head against Red’s chest. His heart went out to him. It sucked when relationships went bad like this.

Dating a magical person had to make it even more complicated. There were things you just couldn’t report to the cops. The vampires had their own system of governing, which was kind of a mixed bag of helpfulness. Did witches have anything like that?

Not that he was worried about Sky becoming a dangerous, stalker-y ex. The man with the sunny smile might be a touch on the clingy side, but he gave every sign of respecting boundaries. If they didn’t work out for whatever reason, he believed that Sky would walk away without cursing him.

Well, maybe a little revenge curse like temporary impotence or explosive flatulence.

Or diarrhea.

But Sky would rebound, and life would return to normal.

Fuck. Wasn’t that a depressing thought? Normal.

Normal was so boring and colorless now. It wasn’t even the magic, but the general unexpectedness that filled Sky’s life. Even his best friend Jennifer had managed to insert herself into the bubbling insanity.

Nolan stretched out his legs as much as he could and crossed them at the ankles. A smile playing on his lips, he reached across the center console and covered Sky’s hand with his own. His date’s breath softly caught, and his fingers tightened around his.

“You seem like you’re amused by something,” Sky ventured.

“This entire night. I think this will go down as my most interesting date ever.” Nolan rolled his head toward Sky and grinned. “And that’s saying something. When I was in high school, I went out with this guy and he talked me into skinny-dipping in this lake near his house. His younger brother caught us and stole all our clothes. We had to sneak behind several houses in the dark to get back to his. I hid in the bushes while he fought with his brother to let him in the house to get clothes.”

“Oh, shit! Did you get caught?”

Nolan snorted. “Of course we got caught. His mom flipped on all the lights and peered out the window to see what all the noise was about since it was after midnight. She made his brother return my clothes and ordered me home. She was also nice enough to call ahead to my parents and give them a heads-up as to what happened.”

Both Red and Sky dissolved into snickers and giggles. It was a horrible night, and Nolan had given Joseph Tanner the cold shoulder for six months after. His dating life had dwindled to nothing in one night, but he was glad that he could look back on it now and laugh.

Sky lifted his eyes to the rearview mirror. “Red, you sure Damon is good as a pig? We’re a good distance from his ex’s place, right? You can change him back.”

The other witch shook his head. “I’d rather have him on Moon’s turf first. He’s got a handful of protective wards around the place. Plus, I need to have Damon standing still in a casting circle to undo the spell. It’s just safer if we wait.”

“Weird question,” Nolan began, and both Sky and Red snickered.

“Really? You think anything you ask can be categorized as weird after the night you’ve had?” Sky chortled.

Okay, he had a good point. “Probably not. How about, this is a question I never thought I’d ask? When Damon is in pig form, is he still having human thoughts, or does he have pig thoughts now?”

“Both. Sort of.” Red tipped his head toward the center of the car, his red hair falling in front of his eyes—his hat having fallen off in the scramble to settle Damon when they’d stopped for the cop. “He has human thoughts and reasoning, but those can get overridden by piggy instincts. Particularly fight-or-flight instincts. That’s why he panicked when Sky talked about his hellhounds.”

“Screw you!” Sky snapped. “My sweet minions are not hellhounds! They’re just a little misunderstood.”


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