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IcupPoppy’sjawas I kiss her, our tastes mingling. She tastes so fucking good. I love the way her pussy grips me when she comes. I want so badly to feel her cunt wrapped around my dick when she orgasms.

Now that she’s all relaxed and open, it shouldn’t hurt as much when I slip into her. I roll on a condom, and she watches me with fascination. Settling between her thigh, I have one hand on my cock, positioning it at her entrance while my other cups her face.

I want her looking at me when I take her virginity.

“You ready for lesson two, Poppy? How to take my cock?” I ask, making absolutely sure she wants this.

“Yes, Tyler. Yes. I want this. Please. Please. Please.”

Say no more.I push in the tip, and my body clenches.

Fuck. She’s so warm and tight. And I’m not even fully inside yet.

I watch her eyes for any hint of pain or discomfort as I slide in another inch.

“I’m fine,” she tells me, and another inch goes inside.

She gasps, and I stay completely still. Sweat coats my body, and I use whatever control I have left to slowly slide the rest of my cock inside her. We both let go of a huge breath when I bottom out.

“Jesus,” I groan and hold myself still until we’re ready to move.


Holy shit, this feels good. It pinched at first, but now all I feel is pleasure. All I want is for him to move.

“Tyler. Please. Fuck me,” I beg, and he nods.

Gently, he pulls out almost all the way. I whimper, but then he slams back inside, and I cry out in ecstasy.

One hand grips the sheet, and the other claws at his back as he rocks in and out. I wrap my legs around his waist, and all my thoughts focus between my legs where Tyler’s massive cock is pumping in and out of my pussy.

“Oh, gorgeous!” he moans. “Your pussy feels so fucking good. So tight. So warm. Sobloodyperfect.”

Veins protrude from his neck, and his body shines from a thin layer of sweat.

Tyler grips my thigh and pushes my leg up against my chest. He sinks even deeper inside me. His cock rubs against my G-spot every time he thrusts, and it causes a flash of electric bliss to run through my body.

“Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes.” I chant as he fucks me faster and harder and deeper.

The slapping of our bodies mixed in with our moans makes an erotic symphony play in my bedroom. A place where I’ve been alone every night since I moved in. I didn’t think about it much before, about being alone, but now I’m wondering if I could ever come back to this bedroom and not wish Tyler was with me. And not only my bedroom but my living room, kitchen…anywhere.

I want him in my life, and not just because I’m paying him. That may be against policy, but I’ve been trying a new, bolder version of myself. This next step is a test to see how far I’m willing to go. Am I ready to go as far as to admit my feelings? What am I feeling toward this man I just met? Judging by how my body responds to him, I’m falling for him. Hard.

Tyler pounds into me hard, the bed creaks under us, and I feel close to coming again.

My pussy clenches around him, and he lets out a curse. He leans down, and our mouths fuse together with a sharp inhale. The kissing only adds to the build-up. I only hope my neighbours don’t hear me scream. I don’t think I’ll be able to hold back crying out his name.

“You gonna come, baby? Gonna coat your cum all over my cock?” he growls as my hands run up and down his back.

“Yes, Tyler,” I gasp.

Tyler reaches down and starts rubbing my pussy. It only takes a few swipes of his rough fingertips before I come, crying and thrashing beneath him.

“Tyler! Oh, fuck! Ohmygodohmygodohmygod!”

My nails dig into his skin, and he groans, filling the condom with his seed.

“That’s it, Poppy,” he groans. “That’s a good girl, I love feeling you come all over my dick like that. Fuck.”