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I gasp. It’s huge. I mean, I saw the outline in his pants, but it’s bigger without the material covering it up.

He winks and gives me a cocky smile.

“Like what you see, love?”

All I can do is nod. I think I’ve swallowed my tongue.

Tyler walks over to me, steady strides until he’s standing right in front of me. Penis in hand, stroking it slowly. He caresses my cheek, and I lean into his touch like a cat. Placing his finger under my chin, he lifts my head so I can look into his eyes.

“I’m all yours, Poppy. My body is yours to play with.” He leans down and whispers, “What do you wish for?”

My hands grip his thighs. Thighs I didn’t realize I was holding. I swallow, my mouth suddenly dry, and say, “I want you to fuck me.”

When I started this, I wanted someone who could take me on a nice date, and maybe losing my virginity may have felt like a great moment, but not like this. Not… magical. Somehow, I feel like I’ve gotten a lot more out of this. My pussy pulses with need, and my wetness drips down my legs.

Tyler pulls back and lifts me up, placing me gently on the bed. His naked body towers over mine as his hand grazes over my body. I take his face in my hands, pulling him down to me for a kiss. I inhale his scent as his full lips press against mine. His warm body engulfs me, and I open my mouth so he can slip his tongue into it. I suck on his tongue as his hands travel underneath my dress, where he cups my pussy and moans.

Tyler’s hands run up my body. He squeezes my breasts over the dress, and I moan into his mouth.

“I love your tits, Poppy,” he says, leaning down to suck them. It feels so good. And I bet it would feel better if his mouth was on my skin, so I grab the hem of my dress and lift it up, tearing it off me so he can touch my body.

He rises up and exhales a breath.

“Fuck, baby. You’re fucking gorgeous.”

I blush and grip the sheets, trying to hide myself. A mix of flattery and anxiety battle in my brain. I’m flattered that he thinks I’m gorgeous, and I’m anxious because I don’t agree. I’m not hard on myself; rather, it’s hard for me to think of myself as gorgeous. Pretty maybe, but I usually think… I am. I’m neither beautiful nor not beautiful. I’m average. But with the way that Tyler’s looking at me, he’s either a good actor, or he’s really taken by me.

I consider his point of view. His job is to make me feel good. That’s what I’m paying him for. But there’s such raw honesty in his eyes that I fail to see why he’d be lying. So I try to see what he’s seeing. I turn my head to the full-length mirror and look at myself. I’m uncomfortable just looking. I never look at myself because I don’t want to find something to criticize. I’d rather just not think of it.

I look at my breasts with my erect nipples. One of which Tyler is cupping and kneading. I look down at my body, at my stomach with the little pooch and the way it expands and deflates with each breath. My short legs that I shaved. My hands grip Tyler’s hips, my thumbs making small circles on his tanned skin.

Then I look at my face. Mouth open, hair strewn across the pillows. Eyes full of lust. I look like a girl who’s about to get laid.

I suppose he’s right then. I can’t say the words, but I’m not in disagreement.

I look at him, and the lust hasn’t quelled from his eyes. He looks as hungry as ever. His cock swings between us, dripping with pre-cum, and the head looking angry and red.

I spread my legs, and Tyler bites his lip. He looks at my pussy, and a blush spreads from my chest to my face. His fingers dance across my skin. Down toward my heated core. I want him to play with my pussy again. He’s a master.

Two fingers circle my clit, gathering wetness from my entrance and circling again. He grips my hip when he sinks his two fingers into me.

“Oh, shit!” I cry out.

Tyler’s fingers slide in and out of my pussy while his thumb rubs my clit. I feel my muscles try to grip him as he brushes against my G-spot.

He sinks between my legs and parts my pussy lips with his free hand. Leaning in, I feel his tongue brush against me. Then I feel his lips around my clit. When he starts sucking, my head thrashes on the pillow from side to side. His fingers still fuck me while his other hand holds me down.

His expert tongue flicks against my nub. He alternates between sucking my click and licking it. He growls against my skin, the vibration hitting my core and sending pleasure through my body. I don’t think it was possible to feel any fuller, and then he slides a third finger into me. All three of his fingers and his tongue work together until I’m so close to coming I can feel my body getting ready.

“That’s it, gorgeous. Come on my face. Give me your cum.” He sucks on my clit hard, and I explode.

“Oh, my God!” I scream. My thighs trap his face as I buck wildly on the bed. He holds me secure until I’m finished. Then he pulls back, gently removing his fingers from inside me. He kisses my sensitive skin one more time before moving up my body and laying beside me.

My arousal is all over his face and hand. Tyler runs the back of his hand over his mouth, wiping away my juices, and it’s one of the hottest things I’ve ever seen.

Chapter 7


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