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That night, I lie awake in bed, unable to sleep as Gael consumes my every thought. My body burns with need, aching for his touch, his kiss. I slide my hand between my legs, imagining it’s his fingers stroking my damp folds instead of my own.

A soft moan escapes my lips as I plunge two fingers deep inside, picturing Gael’s eyes gazing into mine, his breath hot against my neck. The memory of his big dick stretching and filling me completely, so fucking perfectly.

I move my fingers faster, rubbing my clit until stars burst behind my eyes. Gael’s name falls from my lips as I come, the waves of pleasure intensifying my longing for him.

In the aftermath, I cling to my pillow, tears pricking my eyes. This painful emptiness can’t go on. I need Gael here with me in my life, now and always.

The truth has never been more clear. I’m completely and hopelessly in love with him.

* * *

The pounding on my front door startles me. Who the hell could that be at this hour?

I swing open the door to find Gael standing there, eyes burning with desire. Without a word, he strides into my apartment, slamming the door behind him.

I burst into laughter as Gael sweeps me into his arms, spinning me around. Pure joy bubbles up inside me and spills out in a rush.

He sets me down but doesn’t let go, gazing at me with a warmth that makes my heart skip. “Surprised to see me?”

“You have no idea,” I say, still grinning. “A wonderful surprise.”

I wrap my arms around his neck, pressing close and breathing in his scent. He smells of leather and spice, a scent that is uniquely his. Being in his embrace feels like coming home.

Gael’s hands slide down to cup my ass, pulling me even tighter against him. I feel the hardness of his arousal, and a thrill runs through me.

“I couldn’t stay away from you any longer,” he murmurs, his lips brushing my ear.

A soft moan escapes me as heat pools between my legs. Gael has always had this effect on me from the very first moment we met. His hunger fuels my own, his passion igniting an inferno inside me.

“I will never leave you again,” I whisper, tilting my head to capture his mouth in a searing kiss.

He groans, deepening the kiss, devouring me with a desperation that I share. We’re two souls meant to be together, incomplete when apart.

When we finally break for air, Gael rests his forehead against mine. “Never again, mi amor. You’re my home.”

My heart swells with love for this man. He is my past and my present, my future and forever. And in this moment, wrapped in his embrace, I know that we will never again be parted.

His hands are on me in an instant, roaming over my body as his lips crash into mine. The kiss is hungry and demanding, his tongue plunging into my mouth. I moan into his mouth, heat flooding my body.

Fuck, I’ve missed this. Missed him.

Gael breaks the kiss, gazing down at me with lust-darkened eyes. “I couldn’t stop thinking about you, baby. Need to be inside you again.”

His words make me ache with need. I reach for his belt, fumbling to undo it. “Then stop talking and take me already.”

A growl rumbles in his chest as he scoops me into his arms. In three long strides he’s carried me to the bedroom, tossing me onto the bed. I watch through heavy-lidded eyes as he strips off his clothes, revealing his hard, muscular body.

When he joins me on the bed, I wrap myself around him, kissing every inch of his sun-bronzed skin. He tastes of salt and spice, as addictive as any drug. I can never get enough.

Gael’s hands slide between my legs, finding me wet and ready for him. “So eager for me, so fucking sexy.” His fingers plunge deep inside me, wringing a cry from my lips.

I rock my hips, riding his hand as the tension builds. But I don’t want to come like this. I need to feel him moving inside me, stretching me, filling me up.

“Gael, please…” My breath hitches. “I need you in me now.”

A smug grin lights his eyes as he leans in close. “Your wish is my command, querida.”

In one swift movement, he’s buried to the hilt inside me, and we both moan in unison. Nothing has ever felt so right.