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“Oh, fuck!” I hollered as I drove back in and bottomed out, my tip bumping against her cervix. “Fuck me, Lorelei,” I demanded as I plunged in and out. She pumped her hips up, meeting me thrust for thrust. “Good girl. Yes. Oh fuck, yeah. Milk my dick, baby. Fuck! Fuck!”

The bed squeaked from the force of our movements, starting to slam into the wall.

“Oh, Grey! Oh! Oh, yes! Yes! I’m gonna come! Yes!”

My spine tingled, my vision blurred, and my heart raced so fast I was surprised it hadn’t beat right out of my chest. “Come, firecracker. Let go and take me with you.”

Lorelei’s inner muscles clenched, and black spots danced before my eyes, but I kept powering into her pussy like a man possessed. Maybe I was. Because it felt a little like an out-of-body experience.

On my next thrust, she practically strangled my cock as she shattered in my arms. Her grip was so strong that I couldn’t pull back out, so I shoved in as deep as I could and let her pussy suck my climax right out of me.

I bellowed her name as I exploded, filling her with enough come that it spilled out. Quickly, I wrapped her legs around my waist and fell on top of her. It took a few minutes for me to regain enough brainpower to realize I was probably crushing her and rolled to the side, taking her with me.

Snuggling her close, I rubbed circles on her back as I thought about how perfect that had been. No, almost perfect. Something was missing. And I was going to remedy that right now.



My body felt as though it was boneless, but I still stretched out an arm when Grey pulled away to slide off the mattress. “No, don’t go.”

“I’ll be back in a second,” he assured me, bending low to brush his lips against mine in a quick kiss. “Just need to grab something for you.”

Curling around his pillow, I stared at his naked butt as he strode toward the closet, burying my face in it to let out a happy squeak when he disappeared from my view. Knowing that Grey really meant I was his forever had made our last bout of sex even better than the others, which I would have thought was impossible since every orgasm he’d given me had been mind-blowing.

My lips were still curved in a smile of pure feminine satisfaction when Grey exited the closet and padded back over to the bed. My gaze dropped to the leather vest he held, and I sat straight up, pressing trembling fingers against my lips. It was smaller than the one I’d seen him wear and had my name on the front. As he turned the back toward me, I saw the stitching on the back that was similar to what Karina had described to me. Just with one major difference.

Tracing my fingers over the letters, I whispered, “Property of Grey.”

“I was damn lucky Mac started keeping a stash of these at the compound when my club brothers started falling hard and fast for their women. Normally, we send them out to be embroidered, but since it was a holiday, he talked one of the old ladies into doing it for me.” He slid my arms into the holes and settled the vest on my shoulders. Then he stepped back to stare down at me, his brown eyes heating. “You’re always beautiful, but you look fucking amazing in nothing but my property patch.”

I glanced down and shook my head with a laugh. “Of course you’d think that. It barely covers anything.”

“True.” His fingers brushed over my pebbled nipples, making them pucker even more. “Which is why nobody else is ever gonna see you like this.”

“Then we probably should go get some of my stuff from my house so I’ll have more clothes to wear underneath it.”

“Your parents’ house,” he corrected, fisting the vest to pull me up for a deep kiss. “You’re my woman, and your home is with me now, firecracker.”

Our relationship was moving at warp speed, but now that I knew Grey was in just as deep as I was, I wasn’t too worried about it. Besides which, we’d spent basically every minute together since he carried me out of the cabin in Aspen. If we’d been dating like a normal couple, we would’ve gone out at least thirty times based on how long we’d been together. Thinking of it that way, moving in together didn’t seem too far-fetched. “You’re not going to get an argument from me.”

“And none of this ‘some of your stuff’ bullshit,” he growled. “We’ll get all of your things since there’s no reason for you not to move in with me now. Your parents won’t even be back from Europe for another week, and you're finishing your classes online. Unless you’ve changed your mind about me fixing things so you’re done?”

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