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I shook my head. “Nope, it’ll give me something to do while you’re busy hacking.”

“I already ordered what I needed to build a new workstation for you. The parts will be here tomorrow, and it won’t take me long to get you set up.” He pulled me to my feet and brushed my hair away from my forehead. “Since you’re gonna be connected to my network, I needed to make sure your system was unhackable.”

The amount of thought this man put into my needs before I even considered them humbled me. Twining my arms around his neck, I went up on my toes. “Thank you so much for taking such good care of me.”

“You have to know by now that I’d do anything for you, baby.”

He captured my mouth in a deep kiss that had me rethinking my next request, but ultimately, I knew it was better to get this errand over with sooner rather than later. If I kept putting it off, we’d run the risk of bumping into my parents after they returned, and I didn’t want that. Plus, my brother should be at work today. “Hopefully, anything includes running me over the state line to grab all my stuff now.”

“It sure as fuck does,” he agreed.

It was chilly outside, so I pulled on a peacoat over my vest and a pair of lined winter boots.

Grey took now to mean immediately, and he drove us in a truck I didn’t even know he owned. Between the extended cab and long truck bed, there was enough room to pack up anything I wanted to take with me, so I made a list during the ride to my parents’ house. It was longer than I expected, which seemed to make Grey happy when I showed it to him.

“You don’t fuck around when you set your mind to something.” He brushed his lips against mine before helping me out of the truck.

Feeling shy, even though he’d been the one to insist that I move in instead of grabbing just a few things, I ducked my head. “I like to be organized.”

“Hey, now.” He pressed a finger against my chin until I met his gaze. “I meant it as a compliment, baby. Feel free to organize the shit out of our house, just so long as you don’t mess with any of my computers.”

“You have no idea what you’ve just unleashed,” I warned.

He chuckled until we walked into my room and saw the custom shelves with decorative storage bins lining one wall. “Damn, I see a trip to one of those places that sells all this shit in my near future. Or maybe I can just hijack a shipment. You could probably find something to do with a whole truck worth of their stuff.”

“I really could.” I beamed a smile at him. “But for now, we can just load all of my bins into the bed of your truck, which will make packing so much easier.”

“Works for me.” He strode over and stacked four of them in his muscular arms, making me smile while I watched him head out of my room.

The thermostat was set low since no one was home, so I buttoned my coat up to my neck as I padded over to my closet to pack my clothes into suitcases, and I was almost done by the time he returned after grabbing the last batch of bins. “Dang, you’re quick.”

“What I am is motivated, baby.” He wrapped my hair around his fist and gently pulled my head back to claim my mouth. “Want to get you moved in so we can celebrate.”

“I like the sound of that.” I beamed a smile at him. “And I’m almost done. I just need to grab a few things from the kitchen before I’m ready to take my suitcases out to the truck.”

“I’ll bring these outside”—he jerked his chin toward my almost empty shelves—“and then I’ll come back for the bags.”

I rolled my eyes. “I’m perfectly capable of bringing them out to you.”

“Not when I’m around.” He dropped his hand to my belly. “And sure as fuck not when you could already be carrying my baby.”

Although we’d had tons of unprotected sex, it was way too soon to know if I was pregnant, so I wasn’t going to touch on that part. “They’re on wheels, Grey.”

“Doesn’t matter, firecracker.” He nudged me toward the door. “Go get your shit from the kitchen so I can grab the bags, and then we can get to the celebration part of our day.”

“Whatever,” I mumbled as I wandered toward the back of the house to find my favorite cookie cutters. I was digging in a drawer when there was a sound behind me. Assuming that Grey had come in to help me because he didn’t think I could carry stuff to my room from the kitchen, I heaved a deep sigh. “I swear, I’m not grabbing anything heavy. I’ve got this.”

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