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“Fuck,” I grunted. I was vaguely familiar with the Iron Rogues. They were known to be a clean club and had similar values to the Silver Saints, from what I’d been told. I doubted they would go after an old lady, especially one claimed by someone from my club. Still, he’d taken my woman. When I found out where that motherfucker had Lorelei, he’d have to do some real fancy talkin’ to stop me from putting a bullet in his head. “Tell me every detail you know about Maverick, his sister, and his club.”

Lee gave me a few more details, and when I had what I needed, I raised my hand and he shut up. “You love her?” He nodded. “Want to marry her?” Again, he nodded. “And you’re willing to do anything I tell you in order to be with her and get your sister back?” He didn’t hesitate to nod this time either, which sparked at least a tiny bit of respect for him.

“Go be with your woman and wait for my call.”

Digging my phone from my pocket, I called Mac as I stalked back out to my truck. He didn’t answer, so I reached out to Scout, our VP.

“Grey. Hey. I was going to call you tonight. We want to—”

“Scout. Shut the fuck up and listen,” I snarled, cutting him off. If it were about anybody but Lorelei, I would have been shitting my pants in fear that Scout—a former sniper who was one of the best in the world—would drop me when I least expected it for talking to him like that. But my woman’s safety was on the line, so I knew he’d understand. “Another MC took Lorelei.”

“Your old lady?” I figured word traveled through Karina and whichever woman sewed Lorelei’s vest for me. I was grateful because it saved me from wasting time explaining more than necessary.

“Her brother got mixed up with the VP’s sister, and they took Lorelei in retaliation. What do you know about the Iron Rogues?”

“I’ve met their president, Fox, a few times over the years. Seemed like an honorable man. I mean, a deadly motherfucker, but not the kind of guy who would sanction any of his men hurting a woman. Same as you or me or prez.”

I was relieved to hear that confirmed. When I reached the truck, I swung up into the driver’s seat and pulled a laptop out from under the seat. Opening it, I started working while we talked.

“Do they know she belongs to a Silver Saint?” Scout queried.

“I doubt it. I just gave her the vest this morning.”

“Was she wearing it when they took her?”

“Yeah. But she had a coat on. Either way, he took my woman. I would be well within my rights to put the son of a bitch in the ground.”

Scout was quiet, and I wondered if he was going to challenge me on that, but he sighed. “You are. But before you lose your shit and make an enemy, maybe figure all this shit out before making a final decision.”

“We’ll see what happens,” I replied, being intentionally noncommittal.

“I’ll send backup. Let me know when you figure out where their club is, and they’ll meet you ten minutes out.”

“Thanks. Oh, one more thing. Send a prospect vest with them, and let Mac know I’m bringing in a new trial member.”

Scout was quiet for a moment, and again, I wondered if he would challenge me. Usually, we’d take a vote before inviting new people to become prospects.

“The brother?” he asked.


“Makes sense. Alright, I’ll take care of it.”

I blew out a breath. “Thanks. I’ll keep you updated.”

After some digging, I managed to find the unmarked van that had taken Lorelei. It wasn’t easy to keep up with because the vehicle was easily lost in the sea of blank white vans that were everywhere, all the time. But I managed to keep on their trail until they turned into a subdivision where there were no street cameras.

I was afraid I’d lose them by the time I managed to hack a satellite, but I caught a break because they drove across the entire neighborhood, which meant I spotted them before they turned onto a dirt road.

“Fucking hell,” I grunted. The entire road was hidden by tree coverage. The whole fucking area was forest for miles in all three directions. I didn’t have time to waste, so I’d figure it out when I got closer.

I shot off a text to Scout asking him to have the brothers meet me at the edge of the forest. Then I pulled out onto the road and called Lee.

When he answered, I plowed right ahead. “Take Kansas and get her to the Silver Saints compound. I’ll send you the address. If you share it with anyone, we will bury you alive and send Kansas back to her brother. Is that clear? Then you need to haul ass and meet up with me and my brothers before we storm the Iron Rogues’ clubhouse.”

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