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“Wait. You’re going to WHAT?”

“Stop questioning me and do what I tell you,” I growled. “If you want to be with Kansas, then I’m your only shot. And Lee, I’m not gonna lie, you owe me a kidney for this, if I ever need one. Now go.”

I hung up and raced out to the spot where we would all be meeting. By the time everyone else arrived, I’d scoured topographical maps of the area and had a pretty good idea where we’d find the clubhouse. They’d built a compound around it like we had, but they didn’t have open businesses on-site, so they had managed to keep their location a lot more hush-hush.

It definitely had its pluses. They didn’t have to deal with idiots who were stupid enough to think they could come on Silver Saints’ turf and mess with them. Most of them ended up leaving in body bags…or not leaving at all.

Four big black Escalades pulled up, and Knight, Patriot, Rom, and Phantom climbed out of the first one, then ambled over to the truck. I talked to them about a strategy until Lee’s blue Charger rumbled down the street.

He parked and looked at all of us warily as he opened the door and exited the vehicle.

“You ride?” Phantom asked.

Lee nodded then caught the vest that Phantom tossed before it hit him in the face.

“Congratulations. You are an official Silver Saints prospect,” Rom muttered dryly with an eye roll. They were pissed that Lee had put us in this situation. However, Knight and Patriot understood since, like Lee or me, they would do anything to be with their old ladies.

As furious as I was, I had an instinct about him, though. I had a feeling he would eventually make a solid addition to the Saints. He was young and still figuring out who he was. I’d been there, so it would’ve made me a complete hypocrite to judge.

I told my club brothers in the other three vehicles to hang back until we scouted the area before moving my truck and Lee’s car to a less conspicuous location. Then the six of us piled into the SUV. Once we were out of view, we stopped and opened up the arsenal the boys had brought with them. Armed and ready, we were on the move again.

When we were a ten-minute walk from my best educated guess of their location, I told Rom—who was driving—to park off to the side, hugging the trees so the car wasn’t visible until someone was pretty much right on top of it.

We exited the SUV, and I pointed at Lee. “You stay behind us, do what we say, and don’t get in the way.” He nodded.

I’d been off in my estimation by less than an eighth of a mile. The compound was similar to ours. Surrounded by a concrete wall with electric fencing. A front gate with a guard and probably a back one as well.

I’d found the plans for the place that had been filed with the city, but I assumed they’d probably changed things along the way without submitting adjusted specs. Still, once we scouted the area, we had a decent strategy. I called the others and told them where to park and to take up posts surrounding the entire compound. “You see anyone come through that gate with a woman, you make sure they don’t go anywhere until I’ve had a chance to make sure it’s not my old lady.”



As irritated as I’d been when Grey put me into the back of the SUV in Aspen with the child locks engaged, there had been some instinct that had said I could trust him not to hurt me. I didn’t have the same feeling with these guys. Probably because they weren’t as gentle with me as Grey had been. Or it could have something to do with the black hood they put over my head.

Being in the dark made everything scarier, and I was freaking out by the time the vehicle they’d tossed me into came to a stop. When rough hands gripped my arm to tug me out, I cried, “Please, you don’t want to do this. If you let me go, I won’t call the cops. Nothing’s really happened yet, so you don’t need to worry about retribution.”

That last part was a complete lie, but I couldn’t exactly tell the truth…that Grey would probably want to tear them from limb to limb just for frightening me.

“Aw, that’s cute. She thinks her pissant brother is going to come riding to her rescue. The VP is gonna love to hear that.”

What in the heck did Lee have to do with this? I assumed my kidnapping was connected to the Silver Saints since another MC was involved. Or even worse, that one of the guys involved in Karina’s situation had somehow hidden his link to that Bickle guy and came after me because he couldn’t get to her or Kiara.