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It took me several seconds to realize what was happening. I was in Clay’s arms, my lips molding with his, and I did not see it coming. But dare I say, I’d wanted it to happen all night. I was hoping one of us would break—that we’d fall into the sinful acts we’d done before.

I couldn’t help myself as I moaned, wrapping my arms around his neck and sinking into him. He tasted like the beer with a hint of mint, as if he’d brushed his teeth prior to drinking it, but he still felt like Clay. My Clay. He gripped me by the hips and picked me up with ease. I let out a slight yelp as he carried me to the couch again, placing me flat on my back and maneuvering between my legs.

His dick was hardening in those beautiful red shorts and I could feel the solid form of it pushing on the cotton fabric of my own. I reeled him in closer, never wanting our lips to part. If I could, I would have kissed him all night. It wasn’t ethical by any means, but I didn’t care.

Clay began to thrust between my legs, his dick growing harder by the second. I sighed when our lips finally parted, and glanced down. In the dim light, I could see the shape of his dick resting on my pelvis.

“Do you wanna know why girls like Katy have never been my type?” he rasped on my mouth.

“I don’t care,” I muttered, but that didn’t stop me from stealing a kiss.

“It’s because they don’t challenge me like you do,” he went on, breaths hot. “They don’t make me want to rip my heart out and throw it at them the way you make me do. Because that’s what happens every time we’re together, Frank. Every time we’re like this, I’m ripping my heart out and handing it over to you because you’re the only woman my heart beats for. And I’m sick of denying it.”

I swallowed, looking into his shimmering green eyes. I had never been spoken to that way. And I’d dated a lot of boys, some of whom didn’t even deserve my time.

I couldn’t help going back to the times when we were in high school, and Clay would be angry whenever I brought a boy home. He’d play loud music, knock on my door to check on me, and so many other things just to interfere. I used to think he was so annoying, but he was trying to cling to what was his. And it’s crazy because all this time, he’s been mine too. All the times he’s brought girls over, I’ve done silly things to interfere too, hoping he’d never go to second base and definitely not third. Not while I was under the same roof.

I’d wanted so badly to deny him and to prove that I could live a life without him. I wanted to show that I could find another man who wasn’t my adoptive brother who could make me equally as happy as Clay could. And maybe that’s why I was moving to California. A part of me wanted that fresh start. A part of me wanted to be away, just to forget, just to create a new identity for myself. But deep down, I would never be able to escape Clay. He held the reins to my heart, and I was a fool for thinking that could ever change.

I spread my legs wider, and Clay groaned as he kissed me again. He shifted sideways and lowered a hand to push my panties aside.

“I’ve missed touching your pussy,” he breathed. He thrust one finger inside me, then another, and a moan burst out of me. “I’ve missed feeling how tight you are.” His mouth skimmed down to my collarbone and he laid a kiss there. His fingers pushed deeper, and I arched my back, wanting more as his mouth traveled up to the bend of my neck.

He withdrew his fingers, sliding his thumb over my clit. That one movement sent a shock wave through me.

“I want you,” I whispered when his mouth found mine again. I sat up as he sat back, pulling the hoodie over my head. When I was just in my tank top, Clay’s eyes fell to my chest. I looked down and my nipples were hard beneath the thin fabric of my shirt.

“Fuck, Frankie.” He studied my c-cup breasts, then reached forward to take my shirt off. When it was gone, he shook his head and said, “You’re so beautiful. You’ve never realized it but look at you.” He’d never seen me like this—completely shirtless. All the times before, we still had our clothes on, despite the groping and tugging. We dry humped for the most part, but this was different. It was intimate and sexy and turned me completely on.

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