Tempting Clay (Cane)

Author: Shanora Williams
Category: Erotic | Romance | New Adult
Total pages: 14

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Tempting Clay (Cane)

For years there has been a missing piece to the puzzle of my heart, and I have no doubt Clay carries it. But because he’s my brother by law, I’ve kept my feelings for him at bay, which has resulted in us avoiding each other as much as possible.
When a family concern arrives that forces us to face each other again in our childhood home, all I can wonder is how far we’ll take things now that we’re adults.
I want Clay more than my next breath, and despite feeling like a traitor toward his mom—my adoptive mom—I’m tempted to make this encounter worth it.
Because deep down I know that if we don’t act on our true feelings in the heat of this moment…we never will.

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