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She was never considered small, not now and certainly not while growing up. With wide set hips, thighs that were thick but firm, she’d always been considered “plus sized”. But it seemed Mayhem liked it, liked her extra cushioning.

He slid his hands down her hips, over the base of her spine, and cupped her ass. For a second, he just held the globes, but then he let out this low groan against her mouth, curled his fingers into the short skirt she’d worn, and hauled her fully against him.

He was forceful with his actions, but she fucking loved it. Mayhem stroked his tongue along hers, took possession of her mouth like no other man had ever done, and made her a weak-kneed mess. She was so wet the thong she wore soaked clean through from her arousal. It probably didn’t help that she was slightly drunk.

And then, he was moving his hands down only far enough so he could grab the edge of her leather skirt and pull it up and over the curve of her ass. He panted hard against her mouth. His long, thick and huge cock dug into her belly as he ground himself into her.

It was like something snapped in him, something making this controlled man break and become this animal.

“You like my hands on you. Like that I’m taking what I want.”

He didn’t phrase it like a question, but she found herself nodding anyway, felt herself grow even wetter. But her strength, her resolve, rose.

“You want this. Want me. Tell me. Admit it.”

She would never admit she wanted this, never actually say the words. That would give Mayhem too much power, and she was too stubborn to let any man have that kind of control, even if her body betrayed whatever she said, however much she tried to deny it.

“Tell me,” he demanded, his voice hard, unyielding, and serrated. He grabbed on to her ass even harder, made her gasp out from the pain he caused. But the pleasure that followed was surprising. Welcome, almost.

“I’m not telling you I want you because that’s what you want,” she breathed out, trying to sound like he wasn’t affecting her as much as he really was.

He grabbed the string of her thong, pulled it taut until it snapped away from her, and brought the tattered remains of the material up so she could see.

The fabric that had been pressed to her pussy was soaking. And like a lewd bastard, like a man who knew how to turn on a woman without even saying anything, Mayhem brought that thong to his nose and inhaled deeply.

This low, animal-like sound came from him.

“You fucking lied to me, Butters, and I’m done with letting you get away with it.”



Mayhem shoved her panties in the pocket of his jeans, placed his hand between her thighs again, right over her now bared pussy, and added pressure.

“Your cunt tells me you like what I’m doing. You’re fucking drenched, Butters,” he growled out her name.

“It’s the alcohol,” she whispered. God, you’re a damn liar.

He pushed her against the wall again, held up his hand, his fingers glistening from her wetness, and gripped her chin with his other hand.

“Open,” he demanded.

She felt her eyes widen but parted her lips. He slipped his fingers into her mouth, made her taste herself, taste her lies.

“Lick them clean.”

She ran her tongue along the digits, sucking the cream off of them, and couldn’t help but make a small noise in the back of her throat.

“Yeah, you like it,” he said almost to himself. Before she knew what was happening, he had removed the fingers from her mouth, took a half a step back, and dropped to his haunches in front of her.

Mayhem pushed her skirt up even more, so it was now resting on top of her hips, her pussy on display, his face right there seeing it all.

“Mmm, I like that your cunt is all bare for me.”

She licked her lips, placed her hands behind her on the rough brick, and tried to steady herself. She got Brazilian waxes, preferred herself smooth, and it was clear Mayhem liked that.

His warm breath blew across her bare folds, and when he framed her pussy with his big hands and pulled her lips apart, she felt even more exposed. His swallow was audible, and the groan that followed was deep and filled with frantic desire that matched her own.

“Spread your legs for me, baby. I’m going to mouth-fuck you until you come all over me.”

Oh, God.

She did as he ordered and then felt him grip the back of her knee and bring it over his shoulder, her pussy spread obscenely wide. His mouth was suddenly on her cleft, his tongue parting her folds as he ate her out almost violently.

Knowing that there were bikers just around the corner was surprisingly erotic and turned her on even more.

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