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He stood, helped her up, and pulled her into a hug before she could move away. She was soft where he was hard. He liked her curves, loved they were only his.

“So, I’m yours,” she said without question. She pulled back and looked into his face. She bit her lip, and he reached out and pulled the flesh out from under her straight, white teeth.

“You’re all mine, baby.”

“Good, because I want to be with you, Mayhem. Whether that will end in fire or be the best damn thing, I want to take that chance.” She smiled and lifted her hand to cup his cheek. “We can take one day at a time.”

He closed his eyes, nodded, and knew this woman owned him, every part of him, just as much as he owned her.



Weeks later

Things had been both quiet and still since shit had gone down with Sal and Mayhem.

They hadn’t heard from the Cardonas or knew if Sal was even alive. But Mayhem had a feeling if things were going to get shitty it would have by now. If Sal had been alive, wouldn’t he have retaliated already?

He didn’t know, but he was enjoying this.

The club had done some digging, but they hadn’t gotten any information. It was like the family went silent after everything.

Monstello’s had been closed up, the police not called for obvious reasons. The more the silence stretched, the more Mayhem knew Sal had to be dead. With the leader and his heir gone, the family was probably setting into motion what they were going to do next.

Of course, Mayhem wasn’t such a fool as to think they wouldn’t eventually come looking for whoever killed off their leaders.

But he could be wrong. They might not even know what in the hell happened. The security cameras had been wiped clean, and there hadn’t been any evidence left behind.

But he also knew Sal might have told others what he’d been doing at that restaurant and whom he’d been meeting. But the growing silence had Mayhem relaxing slightly, because two weeks was a long fucking time for nothing to happen.

He pushed all those thoughts away and focused on his woman. She was curled up on the couch and sleeping soundly. In the last fourteen days, she’d left that shitty bar she’d been working at, packed her things from her equally crummy apartment, and moved into his place.

Of course, it might be rushing to move her to Desolation and to have her in his place, but when things felt right, he latched onto it and didn’t let go.

Nate was working for the club, getting his life on track, and Mayhem was surprised at how well he was doing. Although, threats from the club on how they’d break bones if he didn’t keep on the straight and narrow and attend his support groups probably helped play a big part.

Birdie was making a recovery, but it was slow and hard to watch. The prospect was still in the hospital, the patches getting him there in time. He would have bled out if they hadn’t left when they did.

Even now, Fury seemed angry, enraged. Mayhem knew the two men were close, knew that Birdie had saved Fury’s life one time, and that was the reason why.

But Birdie was alive, and that’s all that mattered.

Mayhem kept staring at Butters, wanting to hold her, but he didn’t move, didn’t want to wake her. In fact, he liked watching her sleep, seeing the peace on her face. It was nice to have her here, to be able to touch her, hold her whenever he wanted.

His life was pretty messed up, dangerous and violent at times, but having Butters here, knowing he could come home and she’d be right beside him as he slept, made Mayhem feel like the luckiest bastard in the world.

He just needed to make sure he didn’t fuck this up, because Butters was it for him.



Fury watched her.


She was nervous, that was clear by the way she kept looking over her shoulder as she walked down the street. She wore a long jacket that reached her knees, and the hood from the coat was covering her head.

But she was who he was looking for.

And then he’d seen someone watching the club from across the street, a dark car that screamed it belonged to that punk-ass and ignorant mafia family they’d dealt with. It could have been Fury’s paranoia and tension waiting for the other shoe to drop, or it could mean something more.

But then he’d seen other dark vehicles around town whenever he’d gone out. This all may be in his head, but Fury knew from a lifetime of fucked-up shit happening that if he had a bad feeling about all of this, then something was going to go down.

And if something was going to go down, he would be ready with his guns held high. So, he’d done some of his own research, made sure he was prepared to have a bargaining chip of his own.

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