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My pussy is still rippling but Drake puts his hand over my mouth again and he slides the head of his hard cock inside me.

He wants to put it there? It’ll never fit!

I try to tell him this but the sound is muffled by his hand. He pulls out a little, then deeper in, using the slippery moisture he made with his mouth to slide deeper. The pleasure turns to a stretching kind of pain.

“Drake.” I need to try to reason with him!

But Drake is mindless. He thrusts deeper until I feel something tear inside me, freeing his big cock to slide all the way inside me. I’m so tight he has to force his way inside. Driving his big body deeper and deeper.

I cry out again, even louder, but his hand is clamped over my mouth. I’m crying and moaning.

Finally, Drake’s cock is all the way inside me. And now that it is, there’s more to this than just pain. I can feel every vein and every ridge of his cock inside me, rubbing against both the pain and also the pleasure he left there when he made the wave. He’s rubbing against that, too.

Everything about this is excruciating. The pain. The need for more of that wild, crazy pleasure.

Drake is growling, thrusting in and out, and I can feel when his cock starts to buck. I can feel every spurt of his warm seed flooding into me, and something about that spooling warmth sets my own pleasure over the edge, until I’m crying out again and my pussy is squeezing his cock, over and over, like my pussy is trying to pull every drop from him, like my mouth did.

We’re both sweating, and breathing hard.

Drake takes his hand away from my mouth. He’s lying heavily on top of me. His cock is still wetly buried deep inside my body, still pulsing out the last throbs of his seed.

We lay like that for a while, not moving. Riding the tide of our wet, secret bond.

After a while, Drake pulls his cock out of me, and I feel the gush of his seed spill from me, wetting my thighs. I’m sure there’s blood there, too. It hurt and Leah said that sex makes blood the first time. She read about it in one of her secret books.

Drake lowers himself between my legs. He licks my pussy, like he knows I’m sore. I think he might be drinking my blood, I can’t be sure. Whatever he’s doing, it soothes the pain.

I feel unbelievably tired, as the ripples calm. My eyes close.

Drake climbs up and tucks me against him, so my back is pressed up against his hairy chest. He bends my knees and he slides his cock into me from behind. I’m sore but I’m too tired to protest. I let him do it. It hurts but at the same time it feels good.

I’m vaguely aware of the feeling of warmth and a strange new security, even if it’s a security with an edge.

He’s so warm. His cock is sliding in and out of me again, doing that thrusting thing. I arch back against him. He needs this, I can feel that. Weirdly, I don’t mind. I like that he needs me so much. I like that I can please him. I’m eighteen years old now. I’ve never even touched a man, but there’s something satisfying about being touched and taken, so intimately. About having his big, rock-hard cock deep inside me. Like it’s something my body has been craving for a while, even though I didn’t know it, because I was never allowed to know it.

Drake growls like a bear. I feel his cock doing that pumping thing again, and the warm flood of his milky seed.

“Mine,” he whispers gruffly.

Vaguely, I wonder if I’ll meet the other men.

I’m so comfortable. And I feel safe, even if I shouldn’t.

Drake saved me, in some ways. He gave me his seed when I was thirsty. He gave me food. And he gave me pain and pleasure that have changed me.

A small part of me loves him, weirdly. And loves that I’m not alone here. Drake will take care of me. His body is wrapped around me protectively, and possessively. He pumps his seed into me again.

With his big cock still inside me, I fall into a deep and dreamless sleep.

When I wake up, it takes me a few minutes to figure out where I am.

It’s dark, but there are slivers of sunlight leaking in through the palm frond roof.

I’m in a hut.

With Drake.

Oh my God.

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