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“I already told you. They’ll kill to have you. Like I will.”

I’m sure he’s exaggerating. Maybe it’s man thing.

Drake does that thing again where he licks my lips. I guess if he hasn’t seen a woman since he was fourteen, it’s only natural that he’d be curious about me. He’s more than curious. He’s voracious.

I feel so grateful to him for giving me food and water … and his seed. I let him dip his tongue into my mouth.

He pushes me back onto the bed so I’m lying down.

He lays himself over me. God, he’s so big. And strong. I can feel that his cock is very hard again, already leaking more of his liquid. Does he want me to drink from him again?

Drake starts kissing me but it’s not really even kissing. I thought kissing was putting your lips together. This is something else altogether. He forces my mouth open with his tongue, thrusting it inside me. It feels funny. And so incredibly intimate. I’m sure it’s a sin.

But I have a feeling drinking from his cock was a sin, too. I don’t care. I’m glad I did it. It was exactly what I needed. It’s like I absorbed his energy or his life force or something. It’s hard to explain.

Drake starts licking my neck. He moves to my breasts and starts suckling on them like he did before, but even more hungrily this time. He squeezes them together so he can take both of my nipples into his mouth at the same time.

“I don’t have any milk,” I tell him. Is he expecting some? Maybe he wants me to feed him, like he fed me.

He doesn’t answer, and he doesn’t seem to care either way.

So I lay back and let him do suckle on my breasts.

What he’s doing actually feels kind of … good. Even though he’s rough. It’s making my pussy … tingle.

When Drake starts licking my stomach, tasting every inch of my skin like he said he was going to, I start to squirm and push his head away. His hair is salty from the ocean.

“Submit willingly or I’ll tie you up,” he says gruffly. “I’m making you mine. All of you. You can’t fight me.”

He holds me down forcefully and pushes my legs open, as though to prove that he’s right.



“What are you going to do?”

“Taste you.”


His face is between my thighs. I guess it’s only fair. Since I—


He starts licking my pussy. More than that. Like he’s feasting on me. He’s sucking me and pushing his tongue into me. He makes a noise, like a low hum. Like what he’s doing is incredibly satisfying to him. It feels … crazily intimate. I squeal and try to roll away from him. But he’s far too strong to fight off. And even though I know this is a sin, I stop struggling. Not that I have any choice. He’ll gag me and tie me up if I protest too much. I don’t want him to do that. Besides, I put my mouth on him. Maybe he wants to taste me now. Maybe … it’s only fair.

When Drake licks my pussy again, I moan. Because even though I’m scared and dazed from the hell I’ve just been through and clearly a million miles from home or anything familiar in this world, his tongue feels good.

Oh, God. Please forgive me. It feels so good.

Drake feeds on me like he’s been starving his whole life. I guess he has. His scratchy beard rubs against my pussy and I whimper. For more than one reason.

He sticks his tongue between the lips of my pussy and I go still. Because he’s enlightening me, somehow. He’s giving me a kind of pleasure I never could have imagined. Like I’m climbing a mountain of pleasure. His fingers slide inside me. His other finger rubs and pokes into my backside. And his mouth sucks strongly on my button, Leah called it. She showed me hers once. She told me that’s where she rubbed herself when it felt so good. I was curious, of course, but I didn’t want to sin.

Now, Drake is sucking on my button, over and over, until a wave of pleasure overwhelms me. It’s nearly unendurable, it’s so high and so good. I writhe into it, trying to deal with how much pleasure Drake is giving me. My pussy is quivering and clenching tightly around his fingers.

Drake climbs up my body. He withdraws his fingers from my pussy and replaces them with his enormous, dripping cock.

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